Mark and I decided to hit up Indonesia after Malaysia.  We first headed to Sumatra to the city of Medan.  Medan isn’t a very nice city to be honest.  It’s kind of dirty and there aren’t a lot of attractions there.  We took a “suburban” to a little village called Bukit Lawang and went on a trek into the jungle with orangutans, tigers, bears, snakes, and all kinds of other creatures.  We actually only saw orangutans, but I know the others were out there.  We went with a villager with carried only food for us and a machete for protection.

Transportation from Medan to Bukit Lawang

The village we started the hike from

Our guide

Our campsite
Rafting back to Bukit Lawang in the morning after our hike


This is where I split from Mark and started my own travel plans.  I headed straight to the little village of Ubud, Bali.  This is the same village Julia Roberts went to in the book/movie Eat, Pray, Love.  It was my favorite place up to this point and still holds a dear place in my heart.  Never underestimate the power of traveling alone.  It is truly an experience everyone should have.  When I got to the airport, I had a car take me to Nick’s Pension in Ubud.  This place was like a palace compared to what I had been staying in.  It overlooked the rice terraces too!

I went on a bike tour with a group through the rice terraces and we stopped at a little shack for coffee and exotic fruit.  For a touristy thing to do, it’s fun and pretty.

On the bike tour, we got to see 90 year old women working in the rice terraces getting the rice out of the plants.  We stopped to help them.  It wasn’t easy work!

Right near my guesthouse, there is a monkey forest thats very cool.

I also spent time every day going to the Yoga Barn.  I usually did a restorative class for about 90 minutes.  These are the selfish reasons I loved traveling alone.  They also have a garden cafe with organic fresh food and juices.  Talk about perfection.  Ubud really is as amazing as Julia Roberts portrays!