Pregnancy & Baby

I’ve had two pregnancies now and each one was pretty different.  The way I felt was different, the ways I bonded with my sons in-utero was different and my babies were both different.  

Your body goes through enormous changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Some of them are welcomed and some of them can be very uncomfortable and painful.  I’m a licensed acupuncturist, so I know of lots of holistic remedies for pregnancies discomforts.  I’ve used them on myself and in my private practice, I treat pregnant women all the time.  

Since I have such an influx of pregnant women needing help with various conditions, I created an eBook for pregnant women, birth partners and birth professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes during pregnancy, birth all the way through postpartum.  The eBook explains the amazing reasons why acupuncture and acupressure work, how to do it effectively, and all the points you could need to help become more comfortable during this amazing time.  There is a ton of research that shows how effective acupressure can be in alleviating these concerns during pregnancy and during birth.  

By doing acupressure on yourself starting at 37 weeks, you are helping to ensure the best possible outcomes during your labor and delivery.  These protocols are proven to help shorten labor time, get the baby into a better position, reduce contraction pain and relax the mother more by lessening fear and anxiety.  I have doulas, birth partners and pregnant women asking more consistently to either attend births to provide these services or what points to to pressure on to help a laboring mom.  

This eBook solves all of these problems!  Put the power of your health back into your hands and heal yourself the natural way.  There is research and news articles that come out daily discussing the negative effects of pharmaceutical approaches on both the mother and baby.  In this book, you’ll learn the acupressure protocols for the most common pregnancy, birth and postpartum complaints!  I want you to have the best pregnancy, birth and postpartum you can because I believe that this is how we grow and nurture strong healthy families.