Online Health Consultations

You Deserve to Be the Strongest, Healthiest You

I can help you feel your best today.

You have the ability to feel the healthiest you have ever felt with a bit of guidance and assistance. My goal is to help you achieve the healthy life you strive for. I can work with you and your hectic schedule to find the healthy balance that can make you the stronger version of yourself. This is a no-judgment-zone as we all have our areas we constantly working to improve upon. Let me help you achieve your goals starting today.

My goal for everyone is to be the best version of themselves. I will provide a space that is safe for all patients to promote healing. My hope for all is to find peace on their journey to health and restoration.

Why Should I Invest in an Online Health Consult?

  • You are confused about what to eat.
  • You want to optimize your nutrition and lifestyle for overall health.
  • You have a medical condition and want to take charge of your health.
  • You have hormonal drama that you aren’t sure what to do about.
  • You want natural approaches to heal yourself and become empowered.
  • You’re sick all the time.
  • You are worn down, fatigued, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed.
  • You are struggling with fertility or want some pre-conception planning to be strong before you get pregnant.
  • You just had a baby and want to feel like yourself ASAP!

I also offer FREE 15 minute discovery calls to see if we’re a good fit for each other.  Feel free to schedule that via the link above.

I am a licensed Acupuncturist and certified personal trainer.  I have extensive education in health conditions, supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle modifications.  In some states, however, it is not legal for online health consultations.  You must see the appropriate discipline in person.

**The states that are excluded from online health consults include: Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Maine.