Since I was a teenager, I have been interested in nutrition exercise and health. The way I’ve viewed this triad had been significantly altered over the years through my personal experiences and as I’ve gained valuable education as both a personal trainer and acupuncturist.

I have tried lots of diets and nutrition plans in an effort to look and feel my best. Some of these worked amazingly and others provided short term results with longer term detriments. My infamous trial and error was the low carb that I spent years cycling into and then failing miserably. While this approach provided short term results of weight loss, the overall the effects were disastrous to my health and mental space for years. I got myself into a starvation – binge cycle that I mentally couldn’t break and in the end added about 15 lbs. to myself. I also learned that the types of foods I was consuming were high in saturated fats and worse of all, I was consuming all “fake” products.

I thankfully slowly learned a much more healthful approach to eating throughout acupuncture school and through my own education. I learned how to “eat clean” and how damaging all the additives in our foods are. They can actually cause weight gain alone and they are called endocrine disruptors, which alter your hormonal health significantly.

When I was looking for more results and to lose more weight and banish fat, I tried carb cycling with pure food and found what I was looking for. Carb cycling keeps your body guessing, so it breaks through plateaus and keeps you occupied and not bored with eating the same foods all the time! You will become healthier inside and out by giving your body the correct nutrients at the correct times. You will feel more energy, less brain fog, more resistance to diabetes and other chronic diseases and you’re immune system will be boosted up again. It’s been the single-handedly best nutritional approach I’ve found.