Killer Ab Exercises

Perform 10-12 reps of each movement and just then move directly to the next.


Both legs straight up—reach for the toes

Lower the right leg to just off the floor—reach for the left toe

Change legs—reach for the right toe

Both legs straight up—spread them about 12 inches and reach through


Hands under your hips, legs just off the floor

-flutter kicks

-scissor kicks

Legs straight—raise them up and down

Bicycle-30 seconds


Right leg out and straight at 45 degrees==left leg straight and just off the floor—reach past the high knee

Change legs

Feet flat on floor—full sit-ups reaching through to touch floor past your toes


Hands behind your head—both legs up—crunches

Hands stay behind your head—left foot behind right knee, right leg down to 45 degrees—crunch

Legs up—right foot behind left knee, left leg down to 45 degrees—crunch

Hands stay behind your head—half bicycles

Change sides