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Acupuncture sparks many debates in the world.  Some people whole-heartedly believe it’s the only type of medicine that can provide relief and other’s think it’s crazy.  It originates from Eastern Asia, but is now found all over the world, including the United States.  It’s not based on any scientific principles, rather that energy, or Qi, as its referred it as, flows through channels of your body called meridians.  When pain, diseases, or other conditions occur, they believe it is from a blockage or deficiency in a specific channel.  They believe that acupuncture needles can help with unblocking or “tonifying” the area as well as bring balance and harmony back to the body.  They insert fine needles (they are the size of a strand of hair, and no, they don’t hurt) into the acupunture points based on your chief complaint.  These needles are left in your body for about 30 minutes depending on the acupuncturist and you are left to relaxation for that time.

Instead of doing standard medical tests like Western Medical practioners, acupunturists look at the color, shape, and coating on your tongue and check your pulse in as many as six different locations.  For instance, acupuncturists can tell by the coating on tongues if people have been eating too much sugar lately and can tell if people are dehydrated or fatigued based on my pulse.

Acupunture is said to relieve almost any condition that western medicine can, and in some cases better than Western medicine.  Fertility is one of those conditions  that acupuncture is supposed to help more than typical treatments in Western medicine.  Acupuncture can treat any condition from fibromyalgia to heart disease and high blood pressure to pain management and mental disorders.  As shown, it has a very wide spectrum of conditions it deals with, so if you any problem you might be having, chances are there is something it can help with.  Acupuncturists are firm believers in healthy eating as well.  There are a lot of medical conditions that can be minimized or treated if you stop eating unhealthy and start feeding nutrients to your body.  Most acupuncturists will thoroughly discuss this with you.  Unlike Western medicine, there are no side effects to acupuncture either.  After the treatment, most people feel very rejuvenated and relaxed as well.

I don’t think people can appreciate the success of acupuncture until you have tried it yourself.  Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of scientific studies supporting acupuncture based on nerve endings and hormones released during acupuncture treatments. I have been getting treatments for about 4 years now for various issues and I love it.  I’m a runner, so I have a lot of aches and pains and when I’m training for a marathon feel fatigued a lot.  I find acupuncture and Eastern medicine works wonders for this.  I have found a lot of great relief with acupuncture and I hope that you try it sometime and reap the benefits like millions of other people.

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