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Half Marathon Training With a Toddler

I’m back!  It’s been a long time… we traveled to Minneapolis to visit my sister and unfortunately, she was sick the entire time, so we missed the lake cabin we were supposed to go to.  It was still a nice trip to see them anyways. On to running! I’ve been base building for my halfContinue Reading

Taking Time for Self-Care

I ran across Ashley’s post and The Fitnessista’s post about treating yourself and how important self-care is yesterday and it got me thinking about myself. Lately, I’ve felt completely haggard, frazzled and like I’m running with my head chopped off trying to stay above water most days.  As someone who, prior to becoming a mom, wasContinue Reading

The Beginning of Potty Training

You guys!  I have a secret to tell you that you may or may not know (I didn’t realize until last week) – you can potty train your kiddos starting around 12-15 months and get them out of diapers well before 2 years old.  This is the greatest news I’ve heard in a while. ThereContinue Reading