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Weight Loss Report Card #2

A few months ago, I did a weight loss report card to track some progress and I’m here to do another one to see how I’m doing.  I decided not to weight myself lately, so I don’t have numbers but pure subjective observations on myself. Weight Loss Report Card Fruit and Vegetable Consumption – BContinue Reading

6 Key Healthy Travel Tips

In the midst of summer vacations, sometimes we find ourselves eating too much, enjoying too much wine and sitting around traveling – all of which can wreak havoc on our health.  Summer vacations don’t have to mean unhealthy habits and weight gain though!  Here are some fun tips to keep your healthy lifestyle going strongContinue Reading

Photos From A Summer Weekend

This weekend was a really good one!  We spent lots of time as a family, the weather was good, and we did lots of fun things. Saturday morning started bright and early.  David left the house at 5 am to complete his 10 miles at Washington Park.  I slept in until 6:15 and then rushedContinue Reading