Must Haves For Young Toddlers

I haven’t done a “must-haves” post for a long time and a lot has changed over here.  Here are a few of our favorite things at the Damron house lately.


Yummi Pouch.  Everyone’s kids loves food pouches.  We’ve spent a small fortune on the store bought organic ones that usually cost about $1.50+ each.  I decided that I felt wasteful both environmentally and financially when Aiden was killing 2 in a sitting at home.  Enter – the Yummi Pouch.  They are bigger and can hold more than the store bought ones and I can choose to put whatever I want in them.  I fill it with applesauce, yogurt, smoothies, and oatmeal and I have one content kiddo.

Prince Lionhart 3 in 1 Potty.  Like I mentioned earlier this week, we are in the very beginning stages of potty training, but we were recommended this potty for a couple of reasons.  The front doesn’t have a big lip so kids are able to just sit down on it and not have to adjust themselves.  It also has grips on the bottom so there is no chance of sliding when a child goes to sit on it (but several do that), the top part also fits on the real toilet for when a child is ready to make that transition and once they are totally toileted, it serves as s step stool.

Baby Signing Time.  I just bought this DVD for Aiden a couple weeks ago and we usually watch it most days.  I had been working with him on sign language for a long time now, but really only a couple signs like “all done,” “more,” “eat,” and “milk.”  He knows them but doesn’t use any of them except “all done” frequently.  This is just another medium to teach him more words and he likes it.  The songs are catchy and keeps his attention better than me just doing it 100 times in a row with him.  I try hard to maintain a low media child, but this is one video that I like.

Green Toys Stacker.  We got this for Aiden a couple months ago to practice learning shapes in correlation with each other and he really likes playing with this thing.  Bonus that it’s made by Green Toys which are made in the USA and this toy is made from recycled milk jugs – No BPA here.

My Blankee.  My grandma bought Aiden this blanket before he was born, but he’s finally taking a liking to it the past month or so.  I also finally feel comfortable putting a blanket on him when he is sleeping and when I do, he usually sleeps a hour longer during naps!

Melissa and Doug Large Peg Puzzles.  In the past couple months, Aiden is finally liking to play with puzzles for a little bit and can actually do them!

Little Tykes Cozy Coupe.  I’m pretty sure most little kids have access to one of these and have for the past 30 years, but they are still great!

Stride Rite Sneakers.  We are on our second pair of Stride Rite sneakers and we love them.  They are easy to get on, look comfortable for Aiden and are cute.  I highly recommend going to the store to get your child’s feet measured.  It does wonders for them.

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What’s your favorite things right now?


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  1. We’ve got that stacker! I’m not sure where it is though. I think I rotated it out last time I did a toy switch. She has the green toys sorter thing in rotation though, loves that.
    I’m always meaning to get one of those pouches, but never remember! Would be great for on the go.
    Good stuff!

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