Half Marathon Training With a Toddler

I’m back!  It’s been a long time… we traveled to Minneapolis to visit my sister and unfortunately, she was sick the entire time, so we missed the lake cabin we were supposed to go to.  It was still a nice trip to see them anyways.

On to running!

I’ve been base building for my half marathon in September for several months and am now starting to get some longer distances in there too.  Since the last time I trained for a half marathon was before I was pregnant, I now have a permanent running buddy and with that, there are some new challenges to overcome.

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Half Marathon Training

Throughout this training, I have run 3 times a week.  I thought that was realistic with our life, my body, and keeping Aiden happy.  I wanted to give myself one day in between each run in the beginning when I was training for a 5k back in April and May and have stuck with that since.

I typically run on Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  For the weekday runs, I run with Aiden in the BOB stroller and the Saturday run, I run solo. Since I have gotten comfortable with the 5k distance easily, I have been running 3-4 miles on the weekdays and then a longer run on Saturdays that goes up incrementally every two weeks.   For example, I ran 5 miles for two weeks, then went up to 6 miles for two weeks and so on.  I plan on doing an 11 mile run as my longest run before the half marathon.  I had plenty of time until my half marathon, so that made it simple for me.

I absolutely love walking in the mornings with Aiden in the jogging stroller, so on the mornings I don’t run, I generally walk 3 miles.  I try to cross train another 1-2 days a week by either doing a T25 workout or lifting weights at the gym.  Honestly, I was doing better at getting these in earlier in the summer than I am now.  I figure that the gym and indoor workouts will always be there and walking outside in the dewy mornings will soon come to an end.

I am able to run the Saturday morning distance just fine, so I figure what I’m doing is working for me.

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Finding Time To Do The Long Run

David is also marathon training right now, so our Saturday mornings are booked up.  Luckily, he loves getting up at 4:45 am to get started and he’s done around 7:15 am.  We do a quick trade off with Aiden and I start my run.  This has worked great for several months now, but unfortunately, with my longer distances, it’s getting too warm to start running at 7:15 am, so I think we’re going to alternate Saturday and Sunday mornings for the next month or so until it cools off later in the mornings (which will be in no time at all).  I’m happy how long we made it doing it this way – no one likes doing a long run on Sunday.

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Keeping Aiden Happy

I’ve been lucky how much Aiden tolerates riding in the jogging stroller.  He does really well in there for up to an hour.  Recently, I purchased the snack tray for the BOB stroller to give him his breakfast during our run/walks.  By the time we get ourselves ready in the mornings and then eat breakfast, it would be too hot to go, so this saves a lot of time and occupies him on the ride too.  I think it works like a charm!


What is your best tip for running with kids?

Have you run a half marathon before?

Are you running now?


3 Responses to Half Marathon Training With a Toddler

  1. I’m running at 27 weeks pregnant but it’s brutal in the heat and I can feel my stomach being so heavy and pulling. I might have to stop soon, or at least just lower my expectations to 1 run a week. That said, I have a 10 K goal for after the baby is born!

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  3. Thank you for this post. I’ve been an active runner for some time now excluding the year after giving birth. My LO is almost 4 now and she’s joined along in her stroller for a few races. I love sharing the experiences of training and racing with her but as she gets older I notice new challenges.

    Trainings with her include outdoor trail runs around a lake that can range between 3 and 7 miles at a time. These days I find that snacks do help keep her occupied but no matter what she’ll begin to ask to get out and run with me so I let her, and now she understands the importance of sharing the trail with the other runners and cyclists even. But getting her back in sometimes is a challenge and we (she) end up getting distracted by nature – like simply watching a bird snack on a blueberry of hers, or trying to offer a squirrel an apple slice. One time she did start to choke on a raspberry and I was able to hear her coughing despite my earbuds but that experienced scared me so I adjusted the snack choices and music levels.

    The trail has a boardwalk area so I’ve used that as her warmup. I’ll let her run to her hearts content across the boardwalk until I hear her toes begin to drag and I know she’s ready to rest and sit for awhile. She’s never been the kid who sleeps in the stroller as they’re being gracefully rolled around but if she’s released enough energy I can get a good 7 miles in with her.

    I live in Texas so the sun is harsh at any time of the day during the summer. I worry about her (and my) exposure to the burning sun so I try to dress her accordingly and lather on the sunblock, and bug spray. Luckily there is a community pool near the end of the trail so I think I might try to finish up there to cool us down.

    During the actual races she will need to stop at each water station even if she doesn’t drink anybody the water and high-five as many sideliners as possible. Once she managed to unbuckle herself but luckily she called my attention to it as if showing off before she jumped out mid-run. This was during a winter race so I had her bundled up; she also started stripping her layers off and tossing them out of the stroller which if they didn’t end up on either side of the street they were getting caught in the wheels of her stroller. LOL

    So now I’m going to begin training for a half marathon in December but I’m finding that these challenges are becoming obstacles. I’ve been doing more indoor running than is like to but it feels like it’s my only option sometimes. Ive also joined a run group at work and we dedicate one hour to training, which is great but I can’t get away with doing just that as my training. I’m afraid of falling behind and missing out on some needed training.

    We don’t have any family in town and my husband doesn’t run but he swims so it’s not something we really do as a family. Now that we are rolling into the summer weather I also have to find time to run in the early mornings or evenings and to be honest there are only certain places where I feel comfortable running outdoors by myself. I’m not sure what the best solution is right now but I do think that it’ll have to be a combination of solutions to make this work for me. I’m determined to reach my goal no matter what!

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