6 Key Healthy Travel Tips

In the midst of summer vacations, sometimes we find ourselves eating too much, enjoying too much wine and sitting around traveling – all of which can wreak havoc on our health.  Summer vacations don’t have to mean unhealthy habits and weight gain though!  Here are some fun tips to keep your healthy lifestyle going strong while enjoying summer travel.


1. Exercise as you see your destination.  Running and long walks are my favorite way to see new (and old) places.  I love to wake up in the mornings and go for runs through popular sights.  I think it’s the best way.  Once I’ve seen places that look interesting to me, I revisit them on foot again later.  When I was traveling in Asia and Australia, my husband and I figured that we walked about 10 miles per day and never even realized it!


2. Play.  This, too, will get some calories burnt and you won’t even know it.  David and I love to play in the ocean on our beach vacations.  Swimming torches some serious calories especially if you’re trying to keep up with kids.  Take lessons from your kids – they play; they don’t workout.


3.  Plan your meals accordingly.  I know it’s hard to miss out on treats when you’re traveling and eating healthy can be more difficult, but it doesn’t have to.  Think about your day – if you’re going to have a heavier dinner, try eating lighter the rest of the day.  Pack healthy snacks with you such as bananas and other fruits, trail mix (watch the portion), larabars, etc.  You can always share big restaurant meals with your travel companions too!

4. Hydrate. Traveling makes you dehydrated and hunger can sometimes just be thirst, so make sure you are getting enough water to drink!  It will also help flush toxins and help immunity.  Increase water on the days you’ll be flying too.

5. Don’t always drink your calories. I know part of the fun of vacation is drinking adult beverages more often, but remember how many calories some of them have – think daiquiris and margaritas.  Pick clear liquors, light beers or wine.

6. Do research before you arrive.  Research fun activities that will get you moving.  Research healthy places to eat near where you’ll be.  I like to go to Asian, thai, of healthier Mexican food restaurants because they accomodate a variety of dietary options and you can likely get fresh veggies at these places.  Research the nearest health foods or natural grocery store.  Regular grocery stores will also do.  Picking up a few key items will help you save money and eat healthier.

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What are your big healthy travel tips?

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