16 Month Update!

Dear Aiden,


You turned 16 months on the 4th of July, so we had lots of celebrations that day.  We went to Scottsbluff for a long weekend to visit grandma and also see great grandma and grandpa.  We had lots of fun throughout the weekend playing in the golf cart (which is your favorite obsession there), swimming, playing outside, snuggling and singing with grandma and watching fireworks.  You took a little while to get used to the fireworks, but I think by the end of the second night, you thought they were okay.  We only choose ones that were fairly quiet because the whistling ones really scared you.

2014-06-22 13.15.36

The month you continued to amaze me with all that you learned and how much you developed.  Your little brain is such a sponge working all the time.  You learn so much every.single.day.

2014-06-22 13.16.23

You have really taken a liking to reading this month.  In the past, we read every night, but you mostly liked playing with the flaps and pullouts on the books.  Now, we go to the library weekly and pick out “Clifford” books and you love reading them. You also love singing songs and doing actions with them such as “stomp your feet” and “clap your hands.”  It’s adorable to watch you follow cues.  Our favorite time of the day is right before nap time and bedtime when I say “let’s go into your room and read.”

2014-07-04 10.55.49-1

You also have a deep love for all automotives – cars, trains, trucks, etc.  Trash day is really exciting in our house.  You stand on the couch and watch as the trash man picks up everyone’s trash.

2014-07-04 12.41.43

Your vocabulary has really grown this month too.  You have full on conversations in baby talk and I’m getting some actual words out of you too!  Your favorite letter is definitely “y” because your most frequent words are yogurt, yuck, yummy, and some made up words like “yaby,” “yapa,” and “yapy.”  You also say mama, dada, and car.

2014-07-04 19.17.21
Scared of the fireworks

Sign language is also going well.  You sign all done and more and I bought the Baby Signing Time DVD for us to learn more.  I think you would rather just say the words than sign them, but we are still trying.


Teeth brushing and diaper changes continue to be difficult times of the day.  I give you your tooth brush and you’ll brush your teeth for a few seconds, but won’t let me do it at all.  I think we’re going to have to hold you down to get better brushes in.  Your pediatrician said that was fine, but we’re going to a dentist in a couple months so I ask figure it out then too.  You really hate getting your diaper changed most of the time, but there are the occasional times that it’s uncomfortable to you too.  I am going to a class this weekend called “Diaper Free Before 3,” so we’ll see what information I gain from that.

2014-07-04 19.17.41

Your sleep has been so good this month!  You have mostly been sleeping through the night, but occasionally you’ll wake up 1 time and rarely 2 times a night.  I put a blanket in your crib with you which seems to keep you warm and comfort you.

2014-07-06 09.29.02

We are also still breastfeeding (and quite often, I must add).  I think you’re teething a lot in the latter part of the month and need that comfort.  We are nursing about 4-6 times a day right now but before the teething it was 2-4.  I am just following your lead in this department.  You still nurse to sleep every.single.time.

2014-07-06 09.08.53

We are having so much fun everyday.  I feel more than ever that I have a little companion each day to show to and explore with.  I try to figure out an activity for us to do each day too.  We have been going on a playdates, storytimes, splash parks, regular parks, walks, and runs.  Daddy has been working, working out a lot and marathon training, so it’s just you and I taking on the world right now and I enjoy it more than you know!  We make each other laugh all day long.


Love you to the moon and back!


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  1. That little camo top really make his eyes pop! Happy 17 months. Yay for enjoying reading more and Y words! I love the talking and babbling and baby talk, high light of each day for me =)

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