Top Five Friday Favorites

Another Friday – another round of Friday favorites.

Body After Baby: What to Expect After You Deliver. This is a great informational post about what goes on after delivery.  It discusses what to expect after both vaginal and c-section deliveries and ways to help and soothe yourself! Kim-Bawden-Photography-Maternity-Session-683x1024


Shredded Beef Enchiladas.  I made these the other day and they did not disappoint.  The shredded beef was the best beef I’ve ever made.  It literally fell off the fork and melted in your mouth it so tender.  David (and AIDEN) really enjoyed these as much as I did.  We decided that we would make the meat again to use in tacos as well. Shredded-Beef-Enchiladas-iowagirleats-01_mini1


21st Annual Frisco BBQ Challenge.  Our little family is driving up to the mountains this weekend for Father’s Day and this BBQ challenge.  David and I love BBQ and can’t wait to eat some authentic BBQ!  There will definitely be a recap of this next week.  We decided that we have to run before we can go to help save ourselves!


Grey Painted Living Areas.  David and I have a beige house right now.  The walls are beige, the curtains are beige, our tables are brown, and our furniture is brown.  We decided its time to lighten things up.  We decided on painting our walls grey and over time get some new furniture and update our living space into something lighter.  Neither of us can wait!  (This is definitely not our house – I can only wish!)



Baked Funfetti Donuts. These are obviously not on my dietary restrictions list, but my husband on the other hand loves funfetti and donuts, so what better way to surprise him for Father’s Day!?  I might have to make these for him. Baked-Funfetti-Donuts.-These-taste-just-like-your-favorite-sprinkled-donuts-at-the-bakery.-And-theyre-so-simple-to-make-at-home-3


What’s your best tip for a new mom on recovering from childbirth? 

What color would you paint your living room if you could/what’s your favorite paint color?

Are you making anything special for Father’s Day?

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  1. Grey always looks so nice, I’m definitely a fan! I’m going to have to try that shredded beef, man my mouth watered just seeing the pic! Could be because I forgot to eat lunch. And, mmm to funfetti donuts! That would be a nice surprise.

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