Toddler Approved Meals

It’s no secret that sometimes toddlers have a rather finicky palate and meal preparation for them can be rather gruesome.  My toddler is no exception – there are days when his appetite is insatiable and he’ll eat virtually anything and other days when he really wants nothing to do with food.

This past week has been the latter.  Somewhere in the middle of last week, Aiden flipped a switch and is really uninterested in food, but here are some staples that we rely on the most.


2014-05-16 08.07.11

Honeydew and green apple juice.  Aiden loves to drink fresh pressed juices, especially this combination.  He’s really good at drinking out of straws, so we tend to share this glass as part of breakfast.

2014-05-20 07.11.34

Oatmeal.  We both love oatmeal and easy to make a batch for both of us first thing in the morning.  We vary the toppings, but on this particular morning, I added peaches, chia seeds, honey and almond milk.  Other toppings I add include strawberry jam, peanut butter, flaxseed, agave syrup, bananas and other berries.

2014-05-22 07.36.59

I’m not afraid to admit that we eat Van’s gluten-free waffles by the truck load.  They are a natural product that we both can and like to eat.  Another bonus – Aiden is able eat this by himself, which allows for a hands-free breakfast for mom.  I typically top it with either coconut butter spread, butter, peanut butter and/or jam.

Lunch and Dinner

We eat a large variety of stuff for lunches and dinner and Aiden generally gets a variation of what we’re eating.  Here are some examples of stuff Aiden ate for this week:

2014-05-27 18.10.14

Roasted red potatoes with ketchup, avocado and greek yogurt.  Aiden was being a little more peculiar this day, so this lunch was on the random side.  He absolutely loves greek yogurt – in fact, his third word was “yakurt.”
2014-05-21 16.48.57

Elbow gluten-free pasta with ground turkey and marinara sauce with a side of peas.  He’s loved this pasta for a long time as well and I eat it too, so that’s why I give him the gluten-free variety.  Aiden also loves peas and shoves them in his mouth by the fistful.

2014-05-21 11.35.58

Aiden eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches frequently too.  I buy him a chia seed and flax whole grain bread and he loves it!  Peas and grapes are definitely a staple.  Here’s a side note – I make sure to cut the grapes at least in half if not fourths due to the choking hazard that we actually experienced one day.  I also offer him almond milk or goat’s milk occasionally with meals.
2014-05-20 11.45.13 Roasted chicken thighs, homemade potato salad and grapes.  Meat is a hit or miss food in our house with Aiden.  Sometimes he’ll eat it and other times, he absolutely wants nothing to do with it!


What’s your toddler’s favorite foods?  Honestly, this week Aiden was super into applesauce pouches, fruit snack, animal crackers and potato chips – not anything healthy.

What’s your best tip to feed a toddler?!



2 Responses to Toddler Approved Meals

  1. Aria loves oatmeal but I keep forgetting to make it, because when it is so gross and hot out I just never remember to make something hot for breakfast. We ate it almost daily when it was nicer out though, I like it with applesauce mixed in.
    Toddlers definitely have their days with food, but I find it funny and awesome that even on picky days Aria loves the frozen peas and carrots veggie bags. Fine by mom!

    • Yeah Aiden loves peas too! I should try the carrots too. He’s in a real picky eating stage right now that’s for sure:) I find he’ll eat sweet potato or yam hash browns most of the time too.

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