The Wonder Weeks – The World of Principles


Well we’ve survived the second to last wonder week – the world of principles.  I’ve documented some other wonder weeks here:

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Mental Leap 9 – The World of Principles

Between 59 1/2 and 64 1/2 weeks after full-term birth, toddlers start to learn about principles – the 9th mental leap.  Aiden has had so many ebbs and flows with his sleep and these leaps last several weeks, so there were good nights and bad nights throughout this leap.  Along with teething, he also had fussy times and not so fussy times, but he was more fussy at the beginning of this leap.

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Aiden’s New Abilities

I feel like this little boy is a new child now looking back since the beginning of this leap.  He’s learned, developed and changed a lot.  This leap is about experimentation to accomplish a goal and basically that’s all I see him do now.  When he wants something, I watch him try several different ways to reach his goal.  He is much more into fine detail than he was before also.

  • Aiden is so independent. He wants to do everything by himself now.  He not only wants to feed himself with eating utensils, but he wants to get the food on the utensil by himself as well.  He gets aggravated sometimes if I help him when the help is not wanted.
  • He is learning about emotions – he is happy, sad and angry and sees what type of response each emotion gets him.
  • He loves to sweep, fold clothes, put away dishes, dusts, waves goodbye, vacuums, and do other daily household tasks that he imitates from me.
  • I can almost watch his thinking and contemplation.  He thinks ahead and makes plans.
  • Unfortunately, the temper tantrums are continuing to escalate as well.  He loves to be outside, so when someone (even Otis) goes outside and he’s not allowed to go, he’ll throw a full on temper tantrum.  He also hates holding hands when we are in public places and his body will go limp pretty much.  He’s very verbal about saying “no” when he doesn’t want something.
  • He understand mine and yours, although he usually doesn’t like the fact that he can’t always have my stuff such as my phone and then a temper tantrum ensues.

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Signs and Symptoms

Like I mentioned earlier, the beginning of this wonder week wasn’t as apparent to me as some of the others.  He definitely missed sleep a couple nights throughout it and was more fussy than normal on somedays too, but it could also have been chocked up to teething.

He was more clingy throughout this and the separation anxiety shines through more now.  He always wants to know where I am at least.  There were also times that he wanted to be held and putting him down was not an option.  There are only certain people that are able to hold him as well until he gets “warmed up” to them – David, me and my mom.  He liked my sister Dave also.

He likes to follow me around the house now.  I rarely get a moment to myself – going to the bathroom, showering, getting dressed – all fair game.

He also had lots of times that he was really happy and content one moment and then the next, he was fussy, upset and needed to be soothed.  There were times that I was convinced I had the sweetest baby in the world.  He would cuddle more and have the sweetest little babble only to be followed by being completely mischievous and really testing his boundaries.

We are still breastfeeding and there were days that he nursed about 6 times – mostly for comfort!  It’s tapered off again, but he’ll pull on my shirt and let me know when he wants to nurse.

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Ways I Helped Aiden

The biggest way I was told to help him from now on was to establish ground rules, be consistent and not let him push my buttons too much, so that’s what I did.  I made sure he knew what was acceptable and what wasn’t.  Unfortunately, we’ve had to put him into time-out a handful of times.

I also let him explore as much as I could both inside and outside.  I showed him lots of new things that he missed before now and I also let him be a physical little boy.  He likes to climb, grunt, run, crawl through things and rough house.  As much as was safe, I let him do.

I talk to him all the time.  I tell him things, show him things, and generally act as if he were a grown person.  I ask him questions and show him that I am interested in his desires too.  I let him think he’s making choices for himself to encourage some independence.  I let him know I understand when he is frustrated and try to help him through that.


Has your child already gone through this wonder week?

What new things is your child doing lately?  

I’m so impressed at what sponges kid’s brains are – they learn so quickly and diligently.  It’s truly amazing to watch a child grow and develop.


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