Father’s Day Weekend Recap

I mentioned last week that our family was going up to Dillon, CO in the rocky mountains this weekend.  David had never been there in the summer and it’s my favorite time there, so I wanted to be sure we went and there was no better weekend than Father’s Day and the Frisco BBQ challenge. Image 2   We got there on Friday evening just in time to grill out, have some drinks, and relax on the patio watching sunset. Image 1 Image Image 7 Image 8   We decided to grill chicken and apple sausages, bell peppers and pineapple for a summer-y meal. Image 4 Image 3 This little guy loved dinner too! Image 5 On Saturday morning (after Aiden slept through the night!), David and I took turns going on our respective runs – his 8 miles and mine 4.5 miles.  This was the longest I have run in a loooong time and it was on hills and in altitude, so nevertheless, it kicked my butt!  The scenery was beautiful and the air so fresh. Image 9     We got home, ate gluten-free pancakes, drank tea (and water), put Aiden down for a nap and then headed out to the BBQ competition around 1:00. BBQ_RD3 Image 11 Image 10   Our friends, Ashley and Keith, decided to meet us up there too!  There were hundreds of vendors and no way I could make a decision on where to get food from, so the boys figured that the booths with the longest lines were our criteria.  Needless to say, we were starving when we got there, so as we were waiting in line, David got us some brisket and pulled pork appetizers. Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 7.20.01 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 7.20.17 AM 2014-06-14 13.23.11   My favorite dish of the day were these ribs.  The BBQ sauce was to die for and I think my husband is going to make it his life mission to buy it from them. Image 12   At this point, Aiden was restless and needed to get out of the stroller.  It was just in time for the pig races!  Unfortunately, it still took too much time for Aiden to get the races started and a temper tantrum ensued, so we missed them anyways.  I tried really hard to keep him occupied, but didn’t end up working.   2014-06-14 14.06.38 2014-06-14 14.07.14 Image 13   The boys got more dishes throughout the day including more brisket, pulled pork, kettle corn, sweet potato fries, wings, and mac n’ cheese.  They consumed their weight in food I think.  I think I got some gluten in something that I ate because after a little bit, I really wasn’t feeling very well, so I just stuck to water for the rest of the day. Here is the evidence of a successful BBQ competition.  He was a disaster.  It was definitely a fun event! 2014-06-14 15.20.24 The rest of the night was spent at the cabin soothing our big bellies and watching sports.  We did manage to make some smores after we put Aiden to bed. Sunday was a rough day for me.  Aiden didn’t sleep well Saturday night and I stayed up way too late, so I was exhausted.  We left the mountains a little before 10 am and as we were driving down the mountain, I started getting really queasy, dizzy, and lightheaded. When we arrived home, I was worse than ever and started throwing up.  The rest of the day was spent on the couch trying to feel better.  I chocked it up to altitude sickness, which I’ve never had before and I hope to never get again.  I feel about 90% today.  I felt terrible because it was Father’s Day and I was totally unable to do anything! Anyways, other than the minor illness of Sunday, it was a great getaway weekend!  I think we might have to make this a tradition in our family. Questions: What did you do to celebrate Father’s Day? What’s your favorite BBQ dish? Have you ever gotten altitude sickness? What’s your favorite food festival?

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  1. oh no, sorry you had to cut your bbq feast short and had some sort of illness the next day, plus no sleep. And when you say it all like that it just doesn’t sound like a great weekend, but the bbq sure does look good. The sauce is the key for me, I’m so picky with sauce. It’d be fun to try all the fun ribs, I just love me some ribs. I hope you are 100% by tomorrow.

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