Top Five Friday Favorites

It’s Friday again!  Hooray.  We have a special weekend on the horizon with it being Mother’s Day!  I don’t think we have anything planned – or actually, I hope Aiden has a good night’s sleep planned.

Anyways, here is this week’s Top Five Friday Favorites:

How to Foam Roll.  I have been back in the swing of things with running, which always makes different muscles feel tight and sore.  Foam rolling works wonders and feels oh so good – well actually, it’s that hurts so good type of feeling, but it’s a quick deep tissue massage.  I suggest that everyone does it!  David and I bought the Trigger Point Grid Roller a few years ago and absolutely love it.  It does get warped or softer like some of the other ones.  It’s definitely worth the extra $$.


Gluten-Free Lemon Bars in a Jar.  I love lemon bars and anyway to make them gluten-free, I’m in.  This recipe calls for butter, but you can easily sub in the Earth Balance buttery spread or baking bars to make them dairy-free too.

lemon bars

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Racerback Bralette.  I think this bra is so cute and it says that it’s actually full coverage.  I find that I have several racerback tanks for the summer, but there’s always a bra strap showing unless you wear a strapless bra, but those are ultra uncomfortable in my opinion.  If I ever wean Aiden from breastfeeding, maybe I’ll purchase this!  Since I’ve been wearing nursing bras for over a year, I can’t fathom the idea of wearing underwire again…



Aiden Sleeping Through the Night!  On Wednesday night, Aiden slept from 7:30 pm – 5:00 am, nursed and then went back to bed until 7:45 am.  This is a record for us over here.  He’s only done this one other time in his life and that was at least a month ago.  I had decided that I needed to visit a sleep consultant again and figure out what to do since David wasn’t able to calm him down anymore.  He must have knew I was plotting this because he randomly did it on his own.  I am not holding my breath that he’ll do it tonight – only time will tell.


Athleta Twister Bikini.  My mom got this for me for Mother’s Day because I was telling her that all my bikini tops are not going to work anymore with Aiden for multiple reasons.  First, he is constantly tugging on my top, so I don’t think a string bikini is good for this and secondly, I just feel like I need more coverage now than I did pre-baby.  I really like this option!


There you have it.  I hope that everyone has a good Mother’s Day weekend – treat your mother nice!


What are you doing for your mother this weekend?

Do you foam roll?

Bets on if Aiden sleeps through the night again?  I’m not holding my breath, but at least I know he can do it!


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  1. Girl, it is not a fun transition back to underwire! So uncomfy. I still wear my nursing bras at home, because just so much more pleasant. I’ve seen similar style bras but I dont think it would be enough support for my size…sadly. I thought they’d go back to prebaby size, but no. annoying.

    I love lemon bars!

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