Reflections on Motherhood – What I Would Tell My Pre-Baby Self?

I’ve been feeling like a complete sap lately watching all these sweet sentimental videos about 100 year old women giving advice about motherhood in honor of Mother’s Day 100th anniversary.  It was so sweet, I had teary eyes and realized that most of the stuff in life that seems important is not.  With this said, I reflected back on the past 14 months and thought about things I wish I would have known about being a mom before I became one.

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1. You will learn what unconditional true love is on the deepest level

2. You will make mistakes and it’s okay

3. Millions of sleep deprived parents have lived through it

4. This too shall pass

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

6. Take time to meet your child and develop a solid foundation of love and trust

7. Take time for yourself

8. Love conquers all

9. You will have a newfound understanding and respect for your mom and you’ll be closer than ever

10. You will think back to your childhood. Lots.

11. The days go slow, but the months go fast

12. You will feel like you’ve lost your mind a few times each day

13. Designer clothes, cute haircuts, the fanciest nursery – none of that matters

14.  Let go of your need to be in control – it helps the insanity issue in #12

15. You and your husband will have a deeper connection than pre-baby


What would you tell your pre-baby self?

What was the best parenting advice you received?

What is your best parenting advice to a mama-to-be now?

4 Responses to Reflections on Motherhood – What I Would Tell My Pre-Baby Self?

  1. I’m still working on #14. That one is hard for me! Just let it go =) It would be so great if you got some sort of from the future letter from yourself giving you advice, like stop buying all the things you think you need on the registry…

    • Yeah we’ve barely bought anything either. The first year was actually less expensive than I anticipated. I know the costs are coming as he gets older though!

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