Fourteen Months Old!

Dear Aiden,

Somewhere in the midst of life, you’ve turned 14 months!  That used to sound so old to me, and even though, you are displaying complete toddler behavior, you’re still my baby.


In between 13 and 14 months, you were in the hospital for a nasty case of croup, but you recovered very well and were ready to resume life within a couple days.

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Since then, you’ve gotten really good at walking and running and are constantly doing it.  I rarely see you sitting still and if you are, it’s because you’re really concentrating on mastering a new toy or discovering a new object.  I love just watching you walk around discovering all there is to learn about in the backyard. You recently figured out that you can look through the slats in the fence and see on the other side, which has totally intrigued you.  You continue to be a big fan of Otis and chase him around endlessly.


You have started loving your toy cars and trucks – such a boy.  I love watching you scoot on the ground driving them.  We read about trucks as well.  You look forward to seeing daddy each day for playtime as well.  You both wrestle around and then he’ll throw you in the air and tickle you all while you let your toothy grin show laughing hysterically.


Daddy and I love to be outside and you are totally in sync with us.  Whenever one of us opens the door to go outside, a full on temper tantrum ensues if we don’t take you too.  You constantly bring us your shoes (even though you aren’t a huge fan of them) because you know that means we get to go outside.


You continue to be very vocal and babble to yourself all day long.  I think you are starting to make more words, so talking will be coming soon.  We love hearing your sweet little voice in it’s many pitches.  You love to say the word “yaby.” We aren’t sure what that is yet, but you love whatever it is.  You have found a high pitch scream lately that you also love to hear.  You let it out at both happy times and times when you are really mad, so we hear it a lot.  I also love hearing you call me mama.  That’s definitely your first word and I hear it all the time.  It melts my heart.


Sign language is also going well.  We have mastered the “all done,” “more,” and “milk.”  Sometimes you do them when that’s not quite what you meant, but nonetheless, you are doing them and most of the time, they are right.  We need to start learning some more!


Eating is going really well.  You pretty much eat what we eat and your horizons have expanded even more this month.  You really love applesauce, bananas, watermelon, hamburger soup, peas, pasta, chicken nuggets, and sweet potatoes.  You aren’t too sure about macaroni and cheese and rice and beans are hit and miss.  We are still breastfeeding about 4-5 times per day depending on how many times you wake up at night.  We are slowly weaning, but I’m not in a huge hurry.  I think there will be signs for when the time is right to stop breastfeeding.


Sleep is going better.  We have our good nights and bad nights still.  You are waking up only 1-2 times each night, but it’s the time it takes to get you back to sleep that is difficult sometimes.  Sometimes we are awake for well over an hour trying.  Daddy used to be able to go in and rub the sheets (that soothed you) and you would fall back asleep.  Well you’ve figured out our plan with that and refuse to go to sleep for daddy now, so mommy is flying solo again.  You really will only go to sleep when we nurse and then sometimes it’s still difficult to get you in your crib.  We’ve had to resort to letting you cry sometimes.  I hate doing it, but if I go into your room, that makes you more upset, so it’s just better that way.  There are lots of times I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the sleeping issues, so I’m just moving forward. 


You are fiercely independent as well.  You really don’t like to hold my hand very much when we are out – you just go limp until I let go.  You like to explore by yourself, but always look back to make sure I’m there in case you might need me.  Other times, however, you have quite the separation anxiety.  When we go to the gym daycare or MOPS daycare, you usually cry a little when I drop you off, but you get comfortable quickly thankfully.


We have lots of fun together.  I know I say this often, but with each passing day, you are so much more of a little human to me, instead of a baby.  We interact much differently than we did when you were an infant.  We have “conversations” together.  We entertain each other.  We fill each other days with excitement, fun, and laughter.  You’re my little buddy now.  Each age is definitely “the best age.”  Life is good.

Love, Mama 


14 Month Rundown

Likes: Otis, eating, nursing, trucks, being outside, exploring, getting into the kitchen/bathroom cupboards, waving, playing with daddy, bathtime, swimming lessons, playing in the dishwasher, searching through his toy box, and throwing books off the bookshelf.

Dislikes: Diaper changes, being left in your crib alone, wiping your face, not being able to go outside when you want, getting in the carseat sometimes, doctors examining you

Weight: We didn’t officially weigh you this month, but I think it’s about 23 lbs. according to our home scale.

Breastfeeding: 4-5 times a day.

Teeth: Still 5 – but another is on it’s way in

Favorite Toys: Plastic golf bag, Otis’ toys, trucks and cars, interactive books, ball popping Dino, Scout

Diapers: Still size 4, but well on our way to buying size 5.

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