Thinking Out Loud #4

Today, I’m linking up with Amanda’s “Thinking Out Loud” series.  Don’t forget to check out her blog today to see what everyone else’s thoughts are!

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  • David is always looking for a project, so he decided to create a play area for Aiden in our backyard. We cleared out some river rock that has been bothering me since we moved in a 1.5 years ago.  We put mulch over the area and then put his toys on there and all of us were happy as clams.  David and I reclaimed our patio and Aiden gets to play – win-win.

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  • We are headed to my mom’s house in Nebraska this afternoon for the weekend!  I can’t wait – it’s always so relaxing there.  David is planning on golfing all weekend and we’re also going to brunch and to see the Easter Bunny on Sunday.

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  • We are also going to hike this monument in my hometown.  David has never done and once you reach the top, it’s really pretty.  You can see the plains for miles.
  • We had the most exciting thing happen on Sunday night!  Aiden slept through the night (8:20 pm – 6:15 am) and I didn’t have to get up one time to nurse him.  It took 13 months 10 days to get to this point, but we did reach it.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t done it since, but I feel that is progress!
  • I did read an article about how babies could possibly have ulterior motives when they are night nursing. A professor published some new research in the Evolution, Medicine and Public Health journal that said this might be a baby’s way of ensuring they are the only one for a while!  Sleep deprivation and breastfeeding delay ovulation which leads to prolonged infertility.  If this is true, Aiden is going to be mad when he isn’t the baby in the family anymore.

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  • I don’t have any TV shows that I watch right now and I kinda want a show in my life.   I used to watch Revenge and Grey’s Anatomy but I’ve lost interest in both of those.  Although, I heard that Revenge is good again. What are your suggestions!

I think that’s all my random thoughts for today.


Do you believe that sleep article about babies ulterior motives?

What show should I watch?

What are you doing for Easter weekend?

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  1. Have fun in Nebraska and good luck with your Easter bunny visit! That article definitely has a silly ring to it, and I’m not saying I don’t believe it but it just made for a smile. Aria has been sleeping through the night since she was pretty little, I wonder if that means she wanted a sibling right away? I guess she is out of luck. i can’t help you with what to watch though, I’ve got nothing going on here.

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