MIM 035 | Your Options After Delivery For You and Your Baby


In episode 34 of The Mother in Me Podcast, I discussed the options you have during labor and delivery and now, I’m here to talk about your options right during delivery and for the duration of your hospital stay.

Did you know?

During delivery, you have the option to be the first one to touch the baby (or dad can be) instead of having the doctor or midwife catch the baby.

You have the option to do skin to skin contact for as long as you want (if the baby is doing well) and all physical exam can be done on your chest.  Weight, eyes and thighs and the first bath can be delayed as long as you want.

In the hospital, babies routinely receive an eye antibiotic and two shots right after birth and you have the option to delay these if you want.

Listen to the podcast for more information about what goes on as the baby is being born and immediately after!

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