How to Successfully Shop at a Big Consignment Sale Event

I’ve been hearing about the Just Between Friends Consignment Sales Events since Aiden was born and I’ve been wanting to go for a year now.  I’ve heard that they have great stuff for moms and babies from maternity all the way through kid years.

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I finally made it to one on Thursday morning.  They are Wednesday-Sundays a couple times a year.  I knew I needed to get there early in order to score some of the bigger items that were possibly available.  I was looking for outdoors toys for Aiden for the summer.  I was thinking of either playhouses or outdoor climber because they are so expensive new.

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While we didn’t find any of these items per say, we did find him a Little Tykes kitchen in great condition that will go on our patio, a few toys and some clothes.  There is always craigslist to look more for outdoor toys.

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If you’re a volunteer or a first-time pregnant woman, you are able to go on Wednesday to the pre-sale, so when we got there, things were a little bit picked over already.

How to Successfully Shop at a Consignment Sales Event

1. Think Ahead.  For me, these types of events aren’t a regular occurrence, so I bought Aiden clothes that he won’t wear until next fall, but there were some good deals there.  We bought him a Nike sweatsuit with the tags still on it for $13.00.   I also found him a Nuggets Carmelo Anthony jersey for like $6.00.  I don’t think I could have beaten those prices.  You better bet if there were any Freshly Picked baby mocassins, I would have swiped those up no matter what size they were.  Unfortunately, the baby shoe selection looked a little bit used.

2. Go Early.  Like I said, I think we missed out on the bigger ticket items, like the outdoor play equipment by not being able to be there Wednesday.  We got there almost at opening on Thursday (when the general public was invited) and they still had lots of stuff, but you could tell things were missing.

3. Look up prices of new items.  I knew that the Little Tykes outdoor stuff was expensive running in the hundreds of dollars depending on what you bought, so I was ready to look at the “used” prices.  On smaller items, such as clothes, toys, books, etc., sometimes it’s not exactly worth it to buy used, but sometimes it is.  There was a wide range of stuff there and some of it definitely looked shabby.  Like I said earlier, I couldn’t have gotten this Nike sweatsuit for $13.00 at a store, so I grabbed this.


Just Between Friends has events all over the country.  They are worth looking into for sure.  They have lots of great resource books, which I wasn’t expecting.  I bought “The Happiest Toddler on the Block” hard cover for $3.00 too.  Whatever gear you’re looking for in these years of your life, you can probably find it there.


Have you ever been to a large consignment sale event?

Do you buy used kids items?

Best used item ever score?

4 Responses to How to Successfully Shop at a Big Consignment Sale Event

  1. It’s a GREAT event. I was really upset with all the fall items (they were supposed to have mostly spring clothing) so it was a disappointment for us BUT as someone who consigned this time, I was there for the pre-sales and there were only a few outdoor items (picnic tables mostly).

    I like the advice. Go early for sure if you are shopping for big ticket items. Go for the half-price sale if you just want clothing. 🙂 Next fall, I will definitely consign again (so I can get in early AND make some $$$) but I will also shop the half price sale instead of just the pre-sale so I can score bigger on clothing. 🙂

    LOVE the pictures Ali!

    • I’m interested in the consigning part of it. I am keeping my baby stuff for future kids now, but once we’re done, I’d like to look into it! There certainly is a huge range of stuff there – both big ticket items and small and the condition of things. Thanks for reading!

  2. I was a little disappointed with the sale. The clothes were either pretty worn out or way too expensive for a used item. I shop with coupons for Gymboree and Carters a lot and actually got some items for way cheaper than what I saw at the sale. I mean if I can get new Oshkosh overalls for $12.99 I’m not going to pay $15 for used ones. We also looked for toys, Fynn loves big trucks to push around, but didn’t find anything.
    I shopped the pre-sale last fall, but also found that prices were pretty high for items in good condition. I went back for the 50% off sale and got a few clothes then.
    I like the sale at the Wildlife Experience in Parker, at least you also get free admission and can visit the museum. At the last sale there we also found a nice little push car. I would love one of those play houses as well!
    By the way you can free admission tickets for the JBF sales online which is nice.

    • I have to agree actually. I thought the shoes were especially used looking, which I guess could be expected. I always thought they had high standards for what they accepted, but it didn’t appear that way. I think it’s worth a shot to look for stuff, but I can totally see your point! How do you get overalls for $12.99!? I need to shop with you and be better about the couponing. I go to the outlets a lot too. You can buy Gap t-shirts for like $6 or less sometimes.

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