Homemade Nontoxic Finger Paint

I have been wanting to get Aiden’s fingerprint and footprint for as long as I can remember and he never lets me!  We’ve tried about 4 times with clay and he either screams bloody murder thrashing himself before I can do it or crinkles his hands so I can’t have it.

I decided now at 13.5 months I would make him finger paint and get it that way.


Homemade Nontoxic Finger Paint Recipe

2 Cups Flour

4 Cups Water

Natural Food Coloring


Mix the flour and water.

Cook over low heat until it becomes thick.

Allow to cool.

Add a pinch of salt.

Add natural food coloring to your desire.  I used this coloring.

Store in a covered jar in the refrigerator for future use.

2014-04-15 11.16.47


Honestly, I would probably just use the regular food coloring because ours came out a little light and the blue was kind of grey.  I think the colors are pretty, but the yellow hardly showed up and I used quite a bit of it.

2014-04-15 11.16.28

Aiden, on the other hand, didn’t really want much to do with finger painting.  I set out a sheet on the grass with the paint and paper and thought he would go to town.  He looked at it for a little bit and decided that he would rather walk around the backyard.  He was having a rather rough day in his defense.

Needless to say, I still didn’t get my handprints or footprints, but I haven’t lost hope.  Next time, I’m just going to put him in his highchair and take matters into my own hands!


Any recommendations for natural paint?

At what age did your kids start liking to do crafts?

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