Can You Be Happy For 100 Days?


I hope everyone had a nice weekend… we did over here.

We spent lots of time outside on Saturday because the weather was amazing and Sunday was a rainy day, so we hung out inside and rearranged our living room.  I never want them to end.


100 Happy Days Challenge

Last week, I came across this challenge that I’m totally into (and really want you to be too)!  It’s a challenge to be happy for 100 days straight.  All you do is take a photo a day of something that makes you happy and then share it!

Here are the directions from the website:

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.57.03 PM The Reason

I chose to do this challenge because I feel like I take way too much for granted in my life and am not present enough.  I know that I’m blessed, but on the hard days, sometimes I feel sorry for myself and sulk instead of realizing the happy things that are happening to me.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.04.36 PM

I think too often we all get stuck in a negative mindset and miss all the blessings we have, so I’m on a mission to change that for myself and I hope you join me!

I also want to be more present in my life.  I am constantly either looking forwards or backwards and to be honest, I have had that tendency for the better half of my life.  When I look at Aiden, I realize how miraculous it is to just think about that moment.  He doesn’t know about the past or future, so he just thinks about that moment.  I know adults are unable to do that, but how nice would it be to turn off just some of that!?

I just started yesterday and it already made me think of all the things that made me happy that day.  The most difficult thing is to actually remember to take the picture:)


Will you join me in this challenge? If so, sign up here!

What do you think of this challenge?  I think it’s simple, but profound.


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  1. My grandmother always gave us that advice of living for today…she is 94 and takes care of herself… happiness keeps us living longer healthier lives…

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