A Visit to the Children’s Hospital

If you follow my facebook or Instagram, you probably know that Aiden had croup and we rushed him to the ER two times in three days that ended in an overnight hospital stay at the Children’s Hospital. He was fussier than normal last Wednesday night, but I blamed the teething.  He had a slight hoarse voice as well.  We woke up to him sick that night and I put him into bed with us to keep an eye on him, but I thought it was a cold. At 4:00 am, he woke up in a panic having a difficult time breathing.  I immediately took him in the bathroom with a steamy shower to try to open his airways.  We called the hotline at the Children’s Hospital to for advice and the on-call nurse advised us to do that and then take him into the cold air outside for 5 minutes.  That didn’t do the trick to calm his stridor (noisy upper airway breathing), so we took him in on Thursday morning.

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The ER doctors weren’t very concerned – they said he had a mild case of croup and gave him the protocol of meds that were required.  Long story short – we stayed there until 6 pm that day when he was discharged from the ER feeling better. Fast forward to Saturday morning at 4:00 am again and he woke in the same panic and breathing distress he had two mornings previous. He was majorly retracting his chest and working really hard to breath. We didn’t hesitate this time and headed back to the ER.  We got some treatments there to stabilize him and then were told they wanted to watch him as an in-patient to make sure this was going to resolve.

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We headed upstairs to our room late that morning and he stayed there about 24 hours.  I must tell you that absolutely every treatment or vital taken was a complete fight throughout this entire ordeal.

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A 13 month old in the hospital is hard because they aren’t old enough to watch TV or play games or talk and they are aware and mobile enough to know they don’t want to sit still for any length of time (especially when he was feeling better).  Add overtired to that and we have a disastrous child and an emotional mother.  The night was hard because I would get him to sleep and then the nurse would have to take his vitals and wake him again.  I didn’t get more than 4 hours of broken sleep for 3 days.

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He was okay watching Dora the Explorer for a little bit and kept us all calm when the going got really tough. He got pumped full of an oral steroid to calm the inflammation in his throat, three nebulizer treatments and some cool mist for the in between. I also did acupressure the whole time and some essential oils when he got home.

These are the eyes of a child that has been in the hospital:

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.12.14 AM

He is doing much better today.  We will go see his pediatrician for one hopefully last followup and he’ll be in the clear.  We plan on resting a lot in the next few days to get ourselves back together.

Thank you so much to everyone that called, text, and left messages via facebook, Twitter and instagram!  They all meant so much to us.

Questions:  Have you ever had a child in the ER or hospital? It’s definitely no joke – David and I were stressed and tired, but together, we pulled through.

8 Responses to A Visit to the Children’s Hospital

  1. Laura says:

    How scary, Ali! Please let me know if we can do anything at all or if you need a babysitter so you can nap. Glad he’s doing better!

    • Ali Damron says:

      It was really scary! Lots of emotional ups and downs. I think (hope) we are in the clear now. I don’t want you to be around him for a couple more days because I don’t want any other kids getting this! It’s so nasty. Let’s meet up soon!

  2. Courtney says:

    Oh I didn’t know (until I read your comment)! This just breaks my heart, and that pic with A in dad’s lap REALLY breaks my heart. Not a pleasant situation. I’m so sorry he got sick, really hoping he is all better now. Fingers crossed you also got some much needed rest and a few days of a slow pace to get things back in order.

    • Ali Damron says:

      Thank you so much! I think (hope) he’s on the mend and we get some normalcy back in our life. It was another reminder of how much we take health for granted! It’s such a priceless thing.

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