13 Months Old!

Dear Aiden,

That month has been a doozy, but still a great one at that – cutting teeth, getting much smarter about finding things around the house, getting busier and ending with your first illness and hospital stay.


First things first, you are upright all the time now and I rarely see you crawl anymore.  You love to walk around the entire house and explore all the new things at this new height.  You love opening drawers – specifically the kitchen towel drawer, my bathroom drawer with headbands and hair ties in it and you have an obsession with sneaking into my closet to tear down my hung shirts.  You also love to destroy folded laundry – it’s a new game to you!  The toilet bowl is another one of your favorites.  Needless to say, with the independence you’ve gained this month, I’ve had up the ante on the babyproofing and shutting doors.


You have grown a fondness of being outside.  Since the weather has been nicer, every time anyone (including Otis) goes outside, you throw a mini temper tantrum that you want to be out there too.  I try to get you outside on most days by doing activities such as swinging, walking or going to the park.  You and Otis love playing together and can chase each other around the house for what seems like most of the day.  Most days, you are great at independant play when I’m doing some quick housework or blog work as well.


We have also been exposing you to more activities this month. You’ve been going to the gym daycare for several months, but we’ve kept that up as well as a mom’s group daycare every other week.  We’ve had some meltdowns with separation anxiety this month with that, but I think you’re getting better.  I know you really enjoy playing with other kids.  We have also started swimming lessons every Friday.  You were apprehensive at first to put your head back into the water, but after about 20 minutes on the first day, you were better with it and now you have even swam under water.  We have been to Monkey Bizness a few times too and you found out about the bounce house there.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.41.26 PM
Waiting in the play area for swimming lessons.

As for eating, you were starting to majorly wean yourself before you got sick from breastfeeding.  We would nurse a couple times per day and then 2-3 times during the night.  I almost saw the light at the end of the tunnel with that, but since you’ve gotten croup, you’ve been eating like a newborn and it seems like about 15 times a day.  I know you just need comfort and your throat hurt, so food wasn’t as appealing.  It continues to go well however.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.43.53 PM

In the solids world, you are doing great.  You eat your weight in Van’s gluten-free waffles.  You and I eat that just about every morning together.  You are also a watermelon lover.  You and dad can down a whole one in about a day – you definitely make a big dent too.  You continue to like most things we give you, except when you are teething and then food goes on the wayside a little bit.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 8.44.03 PM

Unfortunately, you got your first illness this month.  We made it with flying colors through your first year with just a mild fever one time, but croup got you this month.  We had two ER trips and ultimately an overnight hospital stay.  You are on the mend now, but required a little bit more treatment than most kids that get croup.  I know you’re a healthy little boy though!  I was scared and felt helpless, but we made it through the most difficult time we had since you were born and we’re on the other side now stronger than ever.

photo 2-1

You also have 5 teeth now and are about to cut your 6th – the drool drips down your tummy in pools, so I know it’s coming.

Prior to you getting sick, sleep was getting better also. Your dad mastered the art of getting you to go to bed, which made for some freedom for mom and you also put yourself back to sleep a couple of times when you woke up in the middle of the night.  Normally, you are going to sleep around 7 pm, waking up at about 12 am and 3 am and then 6:30 am for the day.  We are mostly down to one nap per day around 11:30 am and you sleep for about 1 hour, which leaves you exhausted by the night.  I would like to get to an afternoon nap for about 2-3 hours, but baby steps.

photo 1-3

You continue to have the sweetest little personality shine through and it always melts my heart. I can see you starting to test your limits and while I think it’s adorable, I have to put my foot down.  I love you so much and love spending each day with you!

Love, Mommy

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  1. Happy 13! Sounds like a doozy. You guys are keeping busy. Watermelon goes fast around here too, I’m so glad they are back in stock and not those tiny ones now.

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