The Wonder Weeks – The World of Programs


We are back for another dicussion about The Wonder Weeks!  I’ve written about Aiden’s journey through them several times below:

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We just got through our 8th mental leap, which means there are only two left!  I thought I’d be happy about this revelation, but I’m actually a little sad they are coming to an end.

The 8th mental leap is known as the world of programs.  They start it between 50.5 and 54.5 weeks.  I noticed Aiden starting to get a little fussier and sleeping less around about 50 weeks.  Him sleeping less is nearly always my tell-tale sign.  Remember: the fussy period starts between 49 and 53 weeks.  The second phase starts about 55 weeks after a full-term birth.


Aiden’s Abilities

Aiden developed a lot of new abilities during this leap (as every other one).

  • Puts stuff back where it belongs – He puts glasses to people’s faces and shoes in the closet
  • Picks up a crayon and “draws” on paper.  I use the term draw loose
  • Points to things he wants or we say to, such as Otis (our dog)
  • Likes to “help” with dishes by taking silverware or plates out of the dishwasher and putting them back
  • Watches me do tasks very intensively such as drying my hair or vacuuming
  • Plays with his cars and trucks by “driving” them on surfaces
  • Helped me dust


Signs and Symptoms

I knew Aiden was approaching a wonder week before I even checked my app for it.  He was clingier than normal, sleeping less and waking up more and generally a little fussier.

He also really likes to have his way now.  He loves the outdoors and if one of us goes out there and leaves him before, a temper tantrum ensues.  If he can’t reach something that he wants, the same thing happens.

I have been taking him to the gym daycare a couple times a week while I go to spinning and then he goes to the MOPS daycare for 2 hours every other week.  He has gone through ebbs and flows with separation anxiety, but it’s at a peak right now and has been for a couple weeks.

I had to bring him into the MOPS meeting with me last week and David had to pick him up from the gym daycare one day because he wouldn’t stop crying.  Normally, he’ll cry for a couple minutes and be just fine.


Ways I Helped

I noticed that he was more interested in everyday household tasks, so I really take time to explain what we were doing down to the minute aspects of each task.

I try to get him to do a few tasks on his own like bring me things that I need and feed himself more with spoons and forks.

I’ve noticed that he really wants to feed himself now.  We have been eating a lot of soups, stews and pasta, so I usually feed him, but he doesn’t want to eat as much if he can’t do it himself.  The independence is starting.

We also read, count and sing songs all day long.

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What is your child doing new right now?

Have you heard of the wonder weeks? If not, learn about them now!

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