Happy first birthday to my little love bug.


365 days of enduring, extraordinary and joyful love.


24 hours of labor - 6 of which were the most intense hours of my life.  Hair has fallen out and is now lifeless, big black bags under my eyes, wider hips and more love in my heart than I knew was possible.

One happy, healthy, independent, determined, perseverant, entertaining and full of life little boy.  A lover of Otis, playing with mom and dad, playing with Thomas the train, riding in the stroller, and musical anything. Two completely enthralled, exhausted and blessed parents.


1 fun birthday party with 10 adults and 0 kids in attendance.  20 eyes on you watching you open presents and eat cake (or have a meltdown).

8 trips to Nebraska to visit grandma Nancy.  6 flights – two to Minneapolis and one to California. Thousands of photos and videos that are causing my computer’s memory to go to 0. 


Infinite numbers of snuggles, kisses, tickles and hugs. 4 baby teeth that are erupted - several more to come. 2-5 wake-ups each night. 2 naps each day.  3 meals plus 1 snack daily – with bottomless bites from mom’s plate. 1 full year of breastfeeding - 1 blocked duct. 4-8 feedings each day at 12 months.

Endless love and happiness under our roof.  Lots of parenting stereotypes we’ve become.  Unlimited parenting conversations we’ve had.  One blissful home you’ve helped us create.


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  1. I meant to say Happy Birthday Aiden! On the last post, had em both open though doing a bit of catch up.

    Lovely post, love all the numbers! Awesome job on breastfeeding for a whole year.

    What did you end up picking for Aiden’s first bday present?

    • Thank you! We ended up getting him the Melissa and Doug music set and a play mower with bubbles. We are going to get him a play set thing for outside when the weather gets warmer more consistently.

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