MIM 031 | The Problems With Instant Gratification

Happy birthday to my sister!! I hope it’s a great day.


I was talking to some David and some friends of ours the a while back and the topic of Amazon using drones in the future to deliver packages came up.  I didn’t know about this until that conversation and honestly, I was horrified.  I thought to myself –

“what item could be so imperative that you have it in 30 minutes that Amazon could deliver?”

I know there are things that would be convenient and nice to get delivered in 30 minutes, but as a necessity at that cost to society, I wasn’t sure.  My family thinks that I need to be transported back to the 1950’s with this attitude I must admit.

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That brought me to the topic of how our society practically demands everything be in their hands so quickly and how we don’t really have patience anymore.  There is really nothing we have to be patient for anymore due to the invention of plastic surgery, credit cards, smart phones and now delivery services like this.

I don’t necessarily think this is a positive effect on our society.  I want Aiden to grow up thinking that he has to save money to buy things that he can’t afford and not just use a credit card.  I want him to work hard to build the physique he wants the old fashioned way of eating healthy and working out – not with fake supplements or body enhancing surgeries.  I want him to learn that not everything can be granted to him like a wish in the fairy tale – the truly great things in life are worth waiting for.

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Am I weird for thinking this way?

Do you think that drones delivering packages are a good thing? Maybe I’m the one that’s wrong!

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