MIM 030 | The Conflicting Information We Receive As Parents


As moms-to-be and moms, we are bombarded with conflicting parental advice and suggestions.  There are so many “experts” that recommend tips to you for things like how to put your baby to sleep, how to start solids, vaccinations, health and even what the best shoes are for your newly walking baby to wear!

I’ve learned in the past 12.5 months that it’s almost humorous how different each person or “expert’s” advice is, so I recorded a podcast with all the conflicting information I’ve received to date!

My favorite piece is put the baby to sleep on their backs – back is best.  If you put your baby on his/her back too much, they will have developmental delays and a misshaped skull!  Ai yi yi.



What conflicting advice have you received and been confused about?



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