MIM 029 | Ten Things To Take Off Your Registry


If you’re like me, creating a baby registry was a daunting task!  There are so many products out there and as a first time mom, I had no idea what I actually needed and which ones were frivolous!  There are so many duplicate items on top of that!

This podcast is here to tell you the items that we did not use and got along perfectly fine without!

Here’s the list, but don’t forget to listen to the podcast to find out about why we didn’t use each one and for a bonus item!

Top Ten Things To Take Off Your Baby Registry

1. Wipes warmer

2. Clothing that goes over a newborn’s head

3. Shoes for a newborn

4. Expensive clothes

5. Diaper Genie

6. Newborn cloth bibs

7. Newborn sized clothing

8. Fancy changing table

9. Baby laundry detergent

10. Toys for newborns

Listen here!



Is there anything you would add to this list?

What was your favorite item you registered for? My was probably the Ergo carrier or BOB stroller!

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