Jillian Michaels – Maximize Your Life Tour: A Review

First off, I have a new podcast up today!

Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour

As a huge Jillian Michaels fan for the past decade, I was ecstatic to get tickets to her Maximize Your Life Tour for my birthday last month.  On Tuesday, the day was finally here that my mom and went to see what this show would entail.  I really didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I love listening to her podcast, so I figured it would be good.

She set up the show to talk about three basic topics:



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Obviously it being Jillian Michaels and all she is known for, there had to be talk about diet and exercise.  I feel like she really “dumbed” this down for the lay person and made it very simple (which really the concept is).  In her blunt ways, she said this is the secret –

Eat less and move more.  

She gave us three lists to basically live by as well.

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She said that calories in needed to less than calories burned in order to lose weight, but she did also say that in order to keep our metabolism working optimally, that quality of food does matter.  We’ve all heard about the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen.  The clean fifteen represent produce that has thick skin and doesn’t absorb vey much pesticide, so it’s okay to buy non-organic.  She said it’s imperative to buy the produce on the dirty dozen list organic!

In terms of exercise, she gave us the formula to figure out our maximum heart rate:

220 – Age = Maximum heart rate

We need to be exercising at 85% of our max heart rate to be productive.

Again in her blunt ways, she said:

Move your ass faster if you aren’t getting results.

photo 2 The biggest section in her show was the self part.  On the Biggest Loser, she is known as being the hard ass trainer that shows no mercy, but she does it all out of tough love.  She wants people to CHANGE and that requires going to uncomfortable places emotionally and actually finding out the WHY in your life.  Change is obviously hard, but totally worth it.  She gave lots of examples in her own life of her hardships and how she overcame them also, which made it more real.  This section was very psychology driven, but I think that’s why a lot of people are paralyzed in situations they can’t break though – usually it’s fear based and self-destructive behavior affords us something (whether its conscious or not).

Through listening to Jillian’s podcast, I’ve gotten a whole other view of her and have realized that she’s much more deep than simply a hard ass trainer that wants to make her contestants puke.  There is so much passion, caring, understanding and empathy for people also.

My Opinion of the Show

Through my own education, I knew all the information about the diet and exercise portion of her show and I had heard many of the points about the self section that she had to say through her podcast, but it was enlightening and motivating to go.  It reminded me of why I eat healthy and exercise and how important that is in life.  Without your health, you really don’t have anything.  It was nice to listen to someone that thinks so similarly to the way I do.  She also talked a lot about following your passions, not following society’s “rules” for us and going against the grain sometimes.  Today I woke up with a so-called renewed mood to be healthy and live my life to the fullest (as cheesy as that sounds).

*The only thing I might add is that this is definitely a show for a mature audience.  She swears like a sailor which is her personality.


Are you a Jillian Michaels’ fan?

Do you think the majority of people are educated about health enough to make proper food choices even if they do actually do it?

What/who do you think is responsible for the obesity epidemic in America?

I’m honestly interested in your opinions on the health in America crisis!

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  1. The thing I love about Jillian Michaels is that she pushes you to your potential. Our body can do so many things, but we are likely to stay in the comfort zone!!

    I believe that people is not well educated, or at least not enough. They know that certain foods are bad for them, but they keep eating them. For example, not food related but I think it proves a point. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a friend about the documentary blackfish (have you seen it?, if not I highly recommend it) at the end of the discussion I told her that I’m sure I will never go to Sea World again, and her answer was: well I know is cruel, but I know I’m likely to forget it and go to sea world.

    I know that not all persons act the same way, but I believe that this show the mentality with food. You know is bad, you’ve read about it, see people died from food-related conditions, however you are likely to forget and keep eating the same trashy food.

    I’ve watched a looooooot of documentaries, I’m constantly reading about nutrition, I’m taking online courses on nutrition as well, and I believe the more I learned the more I make healthy decisions regarding food. It’s about making informed choices. What I eat is reflected in my overall health.

    The responsibility for the obesity crisis, in my opinion, is highly due to irresponsible parents. I’m not a mother yet, I have a nephew, who thank God eats a wide variety of food, and he’s luckily enough to have a nutritionist as a father. However, it is part of the parents task to feed their children with great food, to make them move and exercise. Sometimes life gets complicated, and I don’t pretend to judge, but if as a parent you opt for feeding your child with fast food every single day, you can’t blame the fast food, you have to blame yourself. Is your food option, not theirs. At the end of the day parents are the ones in charge of grocery shopping and food prepping!

    Love this post!!

    • I have not seen blackfish, but it does sound interesting and like something I would like to watch. I agree that people are irresponsible and uneducated. I’m not sure what it takes to get people to actually make a life change when they know something is so bad for them in the obesity issue. As Jillian says, it affords them something that they have to figure out and overcome. It’s a mess! I was at the grocery store yesterday and watched a family go through the checkout with $287 worth of food and there was literally not ONE fresh item in their cart. Every single item was highly processed food. It was unnerving to me. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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