Aiden’s First Birthday Party

This weekend was crazy, busy, exhausting – and one of the best of the year.  My little boy doesn’t officially turn one until tomorrow, but we sure celebrated like he did.  David and I hosted his family from California and my mom and sister came into town also for the festivities.  On Saturday, we threw him his 1st birthday bash and a bash it was.

DSC02196 My mom and I had been in party planning mode for quite some time now trying to figure out cute little decorations, colors and themes.  Since he’s just one and didn’t have any favorite characters or anything, we decided to go with a blue, green and yellow color scheme and made decorations that fit the bill by scouring Pinterest.


My mom is so crafty and loves Pinterest, so between the two, this was perfect.  She bought ONE letters from Michaels and covered them in yarn.  I think this was my favorite touch to the party.  For the banner, we just bought the letter stickers and the cardstock and then thread the string through – very simple.  I also love the whole owl theme going on, so we added that touch as well.


On this table, we put the cupcakes, jelly beans and treat bags along with a touch from my baby shower.  Last year, my mom made a calendar where the guests were supposed to guess Aiden’s birthday.  We put it out for good measure.  The winner (March 4) is one of my mom’s best friends and has known me since I was born (and attended my first birthday) as well!


Image 1

We also created a banner with all his month pictures from the year on it.  It was hard to photograph, but it turned out really well in real life.


We started the party by eating our taco bar complete with carne asada, corn tortillas, homemade black beans, rice and all the fix-ins’.  My sister made pickled onions, which were to die for.  I thought they sounded odd at first, but I will never serve tacos without them now.  They are simply onions, apple cider vinegar and sugar.  They create a brilliant pink color and taste oh so good.


Aiden opened all his gifts and got lots of toys clothes, shoes and books.  He got lots of musical instruments and has been making music around the house ever since!

He also got two pairs of Nikes and a couple really soft t-shirts that I can’t wait for him to wear this summer!


We video taped this part, so we didn’t get as many pictures.  I know some of the guests got pictures, so I’ll have to steal theirs.


Lastly, we stripped the baby for his very first cake!  I thought about this cake for months and months.  I looked all over the internet for healthy baby cakes that didn’t have tons of sugar, hydrogenated oils and gluten.  My mom actually found this cake that is a grain free, nut free vanilla cake.  It contained coconut flour as the main component for the cake and coconut milk for the main component of the frosting.  I ordered the India Tree sprinkles that contain no artificial dyes or ingredients as well.  They did melt into the cake, so it wasn’t pretty anymore when it was time to eat it.  We put chopped fruit at the base of it. I was so excited to see what he would do with this cake.


I sat him down on a tablecloth on the floor and accidentally brushed his foot in the cake and it was all over – a complete meltdown.

DSC02231 We tried to coerce him into eating it and there he was in front of his guests denying his cake that I had worked so hard on.   We tried for about 10 minutes and then gave up with the cake in full contact.

DSC02238 Later that day, with just him and daddy, he did actually eat some of it and was plum happy about it.  David was really smart and put the phone in front of them and did get it on tape!

For the rest of the party, there was a whole lotta this going on and a fussy baby indeed.  He was really ready for a nap by the afternoon!



Daddy and I were proud that we conquered our first birthday party – despite a few things going not as expected.


Until the next one…

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Congrats to Stephanie. N.!  She has been emailed this morning!


Anyone else do anything eventful this weekend?

Did you have a big birthday party for your baby?


10 Responses to Aiden’s First Birthday Party

  1. “…Accidentally brushed his foot on the cake…” I love it!! Those crazy kids, hahahaha! Sounds like a great day despite the cake related meltdown. At least you have some good photos to tease him with in a few years! 😉 Congrats on a year of parenting! Lord knows it’s not easy, but it sure is a pretty cool job. 🙂

    • Thanks! The pictures of him crying at his cake are hilarious and yes, we will tease him about it! I can’t believe all the kiddos are 1 year old (or almost)! Looking forward to seeing you guys soon:)

  2. The party was so fun Ali, and everything looked so great. Our families now have generations together and hopefully generations to come.

  3. I love it! It doesn’t look too crazy but still totally fun. I looove the yarn letters and the picture banner. I kind of love that he freaked out when you accidentally got his foot dirty – pretty funny. Too bad he didn’t try it with his guests around, but he got a little taste and didn’t have to have a sugar rush! Always cute to see how kids react to the cake. My fave part!

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