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I’m excited to welcome all you new readers from the wonderful home of Mama Natural.


Here at AliDamron.com, I share my experiences (good and sometimes more difficult) of being a new mama.  My little guy is turning one in the next week and I’ve certainly learned a lot in this past year with him plus throughout my pregnancy.


Recently, I launched The Mother in Me Podcast.  In this podcast, I hope to help fellow mom’s and mom’s-to-be enjoy their child’s development while managing their own lives. Becoming and being a mom can be tough and the Mother in Me Podcast will help mom’s maintain their own independence, handle the physical and emotional toll of motherhood, and enjoy the process of developing their child in a healthy way throughout.


I put together a run down of some of the top articles that other readers here have enjoyed.

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Parenting Posts

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And Everything Else…

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Thanks again for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy what you see here and I hope to see you back often!

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