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I’m linking up to Amanda’s “Thinking Out Loud” series for the first time this week! Check out her blog today to see what everyone else’s thoughts are!

  • I’m excited for all our families to be in town to celebrate Aiden’s 1st birthday! We are having a mostly family party on Saturday complete with lunch, presents and the anticipated cake smash!  His real birthday is on Tuesday, March 4.
How was this a year ago!?
  • I’m trying to relish the fact that we’ve made it through the first year that everyone says is so hard with happiness, joy and bliss, but I’m a little sad that he’s already one and we’re past the baby stage.  Needless to say, I’ve been reminiscing down memory lane.


  • Do I have a toddler now?!
  • I’m so happy that I’ve been better about getting my workouts in!  I’ve been going to spinning classes, doing my own weight lifting workouts, running a little bit (but my achilles is still bothering me) and doing T-25.
  • I’ve been loving the T-25 workout!  I can get it done at my house with no equipment in 25 minutes.  You never stop moving and it’s basically a whole lotta jump squats of some form, but I feel like I’m toning up a little bit.


  • I’m loving this unseasonable weather here in Denver!  With a small mishap of snow on Tuesday night, it’s been in the 50’s-60’s for several days!  I feel my mood lifting, being less tired, more motivated and wanting to be outside.  Hooray:)

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  • I joined MOPS last week and absolutely loved it!  It’s a Christian mom’s group to meet new friends.  They also have childcare, so it’s some adult conversation. I really connected with the girls at my table and felt comfortable with them.  That particular day, we had a speaker who talked about the different kinds of friendships that we encounter in our lives and how important friendships are.  We tend to put friendships on the back burner when life gets busy (which when is it not) and she maintained that that’s more important than ever then.  She talks to lots of groups and said despite how connected we all are via social media and the internet, that most stay at home moms are more lonely than ever.  It was enlightening and I agreed with most everything she said!

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  • I’ll be running around like a mad woman tomorrow trying to get the last minute things for Aiden’s party.  It’s a low key party, but there is still food that has to be prepared and a cake that needs baking!  I’m going to post all the decorations I made, the healthy cake I baked and an overview of his party next week!
  • Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a personalized initial pendant from The Stamped Life on this post (just leave a comment)!  I’ll randomly choose the winner Monday.


  • This weekend has been highly anticipated in our house for awhile now, so I’m so excited for it and I hope you have something fun planned too:)


Moms – did you do a big party for your kid’s 1st birthdays or small?

Have you been enjoying nice weather where you are?

What kind of workouts have you been doing?



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  1. Weather here is gorgeous, I can’t complain about it (except on hot summer/fall). Congrats on your baby reaching (almost) his first year. For my nephews first birthday, the day before the party, and the same day we were soooo busy! Between decoration, cake, and all things birthday, we didn’t have time to breath!

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