My Exercise Plan + Arm Blasting Workout

Hold your breath people – I’m posting a workout today.  I know it’s been like a year since I have posted such, but here we are.

The truth is since Aiden was born, I haven’t worked out as much as I would have liked.  I have run a little bit in the past year, walked a ton and then battled some postpartum body pain and haven’t felt like pushing myself ultra hard until now!  I feel like I’m on the upswing and ready to make a comeback.  I definitely haven’t lifted weights with any consistency since before I was pregnant (which is embarrassing to admit).  I feel much more soft and jiggly than I’m comfortable with, so here we go!

I love modeling the Fight Club workout for the upper body.


This will get your shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps burning.

I’ve been incorporating a variety of exercise in my life lately and it feels good.  I am craving that endorphin high again, which was my therapy for at least the past 10 years.  I have started walking/jogging interval training, cycle classes, elliptical workouts, lifting weights and doing core workouts consistently.  Unfortunately, when I started running again, now my IT band is acting up, so hopefully that doesn’t last too long with stretching and foam rolling.

For my birthday, I also got the T25 workout program, which I am pumped about!!


I did the Insanity program two different times a couple years ago and I loved the results.  You can read about my results here, here, and here.  I’m excited to be able to fit these intense workouts in during nap time or even when Aiden is playing by himself.  I think he’ll like watching me actually (maybe wishful thinking?).  I’ll keep ya updated on how I like this one too!

I want to build up my strength with this program for a couple of weeks and then try running again and hopefully it’ll feel good.  I would love to train for a 1/2 marathon this summer.  I miss running oh so much!



What are you doing for exercise lately?

Have you tried a home workout program that you liked?

Aren’t injuries annoying?!


7 Responses to My Exercise Plan + Arm Blasting Workout

  1. Ok I wrote a long answer before but it disappeared! So making it short: I’ve done strength training, pilates, yoga and cardio workouts the past days. Although I’m a personal trainer, I don’t have any partners to workout with, so with that said you could find me doing online videos, or buying dvds!

    I know that with kids its harder to workout. I’m not a mother but when I’m baby sitting my nephew is really hard to workout! Congrats on finding time to do it!!

    • I’m a personal trainer too and I have always liked doing DVD’s still. There is still something to not designing your own workout sometimes and just mindlessly getting a good sweat in.

    • I’ve done it for two days now and I do like it. It’s a lot of bouncing around jumping and those types of things. I am out of shape right now so it’s got me sweating and my muscles burning. I’m sore too. I’m interested to see if I’ll think it’s a good workout once I’m in shape again. It’s a good workout when you’re short on time that’s for sure. I’ll keep you guys updated as I progress.

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