How We Started Solids At Six Months

Last week, you might remember that I wrote this post about our experience with baby led weaning.  For a short summary, I wanted to do baby led weaning for several months leading up to Aiden starting solids, but the plan was quickly derailed due to my panic issues about it.

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Right after the debacle of Aiden gagging on a banana and me not being able to handle those noises coming from him, I decided that I would make his pureed baby food.

I got out the Baby Bullet cookbook and learned what foods to make first and how much he should be eating at each sitting.


The first pureed food I made for him was avocado.  I decided this was a nice nutritious food with lots of food fats that might make him feel a little full.  I didn’t want him to develop a sweet tooth and I’ve always heard that if you only feed babies sweet fruit, they will have a sweet tooth.  Fortunately, this is a misconception because breastmilk is really sweet and babies are born with a sweet tooth and then they gradually learn to like other flavors.


We waited to start solids with Aiden until 6 months because there is a lot of evidence that a baby’s stomach and digestive system isn’t quite developed enough until then to handle anything but breastmilk or formula.  Some people think that this adds to the increase in food allergies among our kids.  Aiden was thriving well on breastmilk until this point, so I didn’t push any solid food until then.

We also chose to delay grains because babies don’t produce enough of a digestive enzyme called amylase to process grains until they are older.  They also produce almost no pancreatic amylase until they are approximately 1 year old, which also helps to digest grains, particularly wheat.  I have issues with wheat and gluten now, so I just wanted to delay that for a little while longer.  He is now 11+ months and I give him rice, oat and corn products, but still limit the amount of gluten he gets.  He has definitely eaten it, but it’s infrequent.


The next batch I made was a puree of chicken, pumpkin, onion, apple and coconut oil.  Aiden loved this puree!  The only problem with it was that he ate it 2 times a day for several days and he got slightly constipated because pumpkin is known to firm the stool.  Note taken.
DSC01401It really only took about 30 minutes to prepare all of this food for Aiden.  I can’t remember exactly, but I think it made about 11 jars and several plastic bags of food for him.


At Aiden’s 9 month well baby check, I shared my concerns regarding choking and he understood, but said that at some point, I needed to get more adventurous and start introducing foods with more texture than finely pureed baby food.  IMG_2105 I took his advice then and started using the food processor to feed Aiden what we were eating.  I started with stir fry and then moved to soups and now at 12 months, we are still doing similar things, but less food processing.


He loved this ski soup!  I just mashed the foods a little bit more than they were and he was good to was our progression from breastmilk to eating solids.  There are so many ways to do it and there is no right way.  It’s intimidating when you have to start feeding a baby.  All those same questions come back that you had when you started breastfeeding, but it does all work its way out.

What are your kids favorite foods?

What’s a good new recipe?  I’m in a bit of a food rut.

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  1. Landon had the same gag reflex as Aiden, and it was so scary! Like you, I was all in for baby led weaning… until we tried it! It’s good to know others are in the same boat. Landon really likes toast, and I have a few recipes on my blog for homemade, no-sodium & no-sugar breads that he likes. Feel free to snag those ideas! I’m going to try your ski soup!

  2. We have tried baby led weaning for 2 months with no success. Too much gagging although Timmy has a tongue tie so I always thought it was because of that. This is a great post! Glad to know it probably wasn’t his tongue. He is taking purees now at 8months. I am going to make my own this week because buying them seems silly. Avocado will be my first!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Aiden is now 11.5 months and we are giving him chunks of food now and it’s working much better than it did even a couple months ago. I really believe in just doing the progression to get to that… I knew what he was getting too.

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