Cardiolates Class Review

I’ve been in a workout rut lately.  I had that pesky lower back pain for awhile and didn’t do any workouts that were too strenuous and now that it’s feeling better, I’ve been looking for what to do next.

I’ve done lots of different workouts in my life such as running, circuit training like Insanity, yoga, Pilates, spinning, kickboxing and several other common workouts.  While I like all of them for separate reasons, I wasn’t sure what my game plan was in the fitness realm.  I do know that I want to build my base back up in running and get another 1/2 marathon under my belt.


A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by the girls at One Pilates Studio to come try a class out.  I looked online at their class schedule and immediately jumped at the chance.  They offer several different classes, much more than just Pilates.  However, they do have the reformers for the Pilates, which is great!  They make up unique classes that encompass cardio, strength training and mind-body exercise.


I decided to take the Cardiolates class and it did not disappoint.

What is Cardiolates?

Here’s the description from the One Pilates Studio‘s website:

Ramp up your workouts with low-impact, cardio-based movement on a Rebounder.  Strengthen your immune system, increase bone density and joint support, and cleanse your lymphatic system, all while strengthening and toning your muscles.  You’ll burn more calories effectively and efficiently and improve your overall balance.  BENEFITS: Rebounding is the most efficient way to build bone density while burning more calories than you would jogging with 87% less impact on your joints (according to NASA).  Rebounding detoxifies every cell in your body by creating a pump to drain your lymphatic system.  This directly strengthens your immune system.  It also increases overall muscle tone and joint stability and mobility, especially in the feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine.

I’ve been seeing that rebounders (which are your typical little trampolines) are a new thing in fitness and I was eager to try a class that used them.  I remember when I was little loving to jump on that thing.

What Does a Cardiolates Class Entail?

During the class, we started out with a warm-up off the trampoline and then we spent the next 30 minutes doing various jumps on the trampoline.  I was definitely feeling winded and my calves were sore at the beginning.  During the class, we also used an ankle weight to do some Pilates moves which killed my butt and legs!  We hopped back on the trampoline and did some interval training to burn ourselves out and then ended the class with 5 minutes of abs that were intense.

Two days later, I was still very sore.  It’s amazing how those little movements can really target the muscles and get them firing!

My Take On Cardiolates

I really enjoyed this class.  It went by fast because we incorporated so many different things and my body was happy!  It was effective and low impact on my joints.  It would be a welcomed addition to a running schedule because it focuses on core strength and it’s so low impact.


One of the other classes they offer is Zen*Ga, which incorporates Pilates, yoga and myo-fascial release.  I would love to see what this class is about too!  They also offer barre, circuit training and Pilates classes.

logoDisclaimer: I received this class for free, but all opinions are my own.


Have you tried a cardiolates class?

What’s your favorite group exercise class?

What have you been doing for exercise lately?

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