A Day in the Life of an 11 Month Old

I haven’t done a day in the life post for quite some time, so I thought I would post a typical day in our household as a stay-at-home mom and an 11 month old little boy.  The last update I did was when Aiden was 6 months old.  While the days are similar, they are quite different as well.  He now requires two naps that usually aren’t done on the fly and he is easier (I say that loosely) to put to bed.  He is also eating three meals that are solids now and an occasional snack as well as breastfeeding.


1:00 am: Aiden wakes.  The nighttime wakings are still going on.  Over the past few months, they have come and gone, but he is definitely waking at night and WILL NOT go back to bed unless I breastfeed him.

3:30 am: Aiden wakes again.

7:00 am: We get up, change diaper and nurse

7:15 am: Slice Aiden a banana to keep him occupied while I scramble some eggs for him and brew myself some tea.

2014-01-29 11.44.11

7:30 am: We eat breakfast and I catch up on some emails in the process.

8:00 am: Aiden plays while I clean the kitchen and make the bed.  He usually crawls around and “helps” me do things like empty the dishwasher.

2014-01-29 13.40.37

8:40 am: I nurse Aiden again before his naptime.  We also read some books.

8:50 am: Aiden’s naptime.  I hear him babbling/fussing for 15 minutes before he he finally decides that he’s not going to sleep.  I have to wait to work on the blog/podcast and work stuff.  We rock and he wants to just play.

9:30 am: I take a shower and put Aiden in the Johnny Jump-Up because that’s a safe place to contain him for a few minutes.  He’s really outgrowing it, but it still works.

9:45 am: I rock Aiden back to sleep and let him breastfeed

10:05 am: Sit down to drink my green smoothie and finally get some work done.

2014-01-29 10.08.42

11:10 am: Aiden wakes up

11:15 am: Aiden eats lunch.  Today we had a couple little red potatoes with avocado.

2014-01-31 17.31.21

11:45 am: We get ready to head out to Target.  This is the time that we usually leave the house.  Sometimes, he’ll take an earlier nap, so we can get out before lunch, but not today.

12:00 pm: We grab the essentials at Target and browse a little more.

2014-01-30 13.47.53

1:00 pm: We have more playtime that consists of practicing walking, throwing balls, reading books and playing with our cars.

2014-01-19 11.10.44

2:20 pm: Aiden is wiping his eyes, so it’s nap time again.

3:30 pm: Aiden wakes up and we play in my room.  He loves crawling on the bed and singing nursery rhymes.  Dad is also off work now so he can play with us or he goes to the gym.

2014-01-18 08.07.47

4:10 pm: David takes Aiden for me for a little bit while I record a podcast.

4:45 pm: We make and eat dinner because we eat early as a family and I have a work-related exercise class to go tonight.

5:30 pm: I drive the 25 minutes down to One Pilates Studio to take the Cardiolates class that I was offered to try! (Review tomorrow!)


6:30 pm: Cardiolates class.  I also get videos of David bathing Aiden that melt my heart!

7:30 pm: Cardiolates is over, so I drive home wondering how bedtime is going.  I don’t want to call in case David is in the middle of trying to put Aiden to sleep.  Aiden usually goes to sleep around 7:30 pm after we read books and nurse.

8:00 pm: Aiden is asleep, so David and I talk about our days and spend a little time together.

9:00 pm: I work on some more blog stuff and then get ready for bed.

10:30 pm: Aiden wakes up.  This is an unusual time for him to wake up but since I wasn’t home, he didn’t drink enough milk before bed, so he was hungry still.

That’s a pretty typical day for us.  Sometimes we meet up with other friends in the mornings or go to the gym after nap time before lunch.  I want to keep believing that he’ll stop waking so much during the night.  It is inconsistently getting better though.  There are occasional nights where he’ll only wake once and other nights where he’ll wake 3 times.  If you are interested in more information about our sleep patterns, click here.


What’s your favorite time of the day?

How do you fill your days with your little one?

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  1. I love to see how other people fill their days! I teach part-time so I get to spend mornings with my little guy. I love this time of the day with him because it’s definitely his happiest time. I leave for work at 10 and then and home by 2:30 so he’s basically just eating lunch and napping while I’m gone.

    We love spending time at the library or going to one of the indoor play gyms since it’s been way too cold to go outside. We also belong to a play group that meets once a week. It’s just nice to get out during these snowy winter months!

    My guy is 15 months and STILL needs to be nursed back to sleep when he wakes up, usually 2-3 times per night. I am so ready to sleep a full 8 hours straight!

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