11 Months Old!

Dear Aiden,

We are only 1 month from your birthday.  How in the world did that happen?  We’ve had such a good year together.  I’m already working on not being such a basket case when you actually do turn one, but it’s clearly not working.  I just need waterproof mascara this month.


I don’t know how it’s possible, but we have more fun together each day and I fall more in love with you simultaneously.

This month has been a little quieter than last month with Christmas and all the travel we did.  We spent a couple of days at Grandma’s in Nebraska and then we drove up to the mountains and stayed for the weekend.  We had a nice time up there exploring a whole new house.


You’ve started to imitate people a lot.  When I clap, you clap.  When I make a funny face, you try.  When I smile, you smile.  When I make noises, you make noises.  I love having my little independent shadow all day.

You also love to be your own person.  We’ve let you roam through the house more freely now because you’ve outgrown your little play pen.  You spend most of your time standing at your high chair or playing in Otis’ toys or with his food canister.  You did have your first kernel of dog food the other day, but I quickly made you spit it out.  I’m pretty sure it didn’t bother you at all.


You’ve been really working on walking this past month too.  You cruise all around holding on to things, but are still a little reluctant to take any unassisted steps just yet.  You’ve done it a few times, but don’t seem incredibly interested in it.  You love getting places fast by crawling and are content holding onto things when you’re upright.

You’ve also really taken a liking to music.  We play music all day and sing songs frequently.  I’ve caught you dancing now, which is you bobbing your head up and down.  Someone pinch me.  We also caught you moving your cars around the floor last night.  It’s exciting that you are starting to use your toys the way they were intended.


A few weeks after Christmas, the flu struck our house.  Daddy caught it first, then mommy a few days later and you got a touch of it the next day.  You woke up with a slight cough, had a fever and were lethargic.  It broke my heart to see you not feeling good.  If there was a silver lining, it was that you just laid in my lap wanting the extra cuddles.  I usually have to wrestle you for those these days.  We took you to the doctor and they gave you some ibuprofen for babies and within a couple of hours, you were mostly fine!  I’m so glad that it was so minor for you!  Breastfeeding and essential oils for the win!


You are eating like a champion this month.  When we went to the doctor, you had only gained a couple ounces this month, but they said that’s normal and your growth chart is still right on par.  You love your oatmeal in the mornings and bananas make you go crazy!  You are not very picky with your food and will pretty much eat anything.  That makes for a happy mama.

You also cut your very first tooth this month.  It’s the right top front tooth.  I am not sure where your bottom teeth are, but I love looking at your one little pearly white.


Grandma and I have been in full effect this month planning your 1st birthday party.  I know I’m going to be a wreck that day, but I’m also excited for you to hit another milestone.  We are making some decorations and I’m trying to figure out a healthy smash cake for you.  I think you’re going to have fun that day.


Daddy and I continue to strengthen our relationship with you daily and we couldn’t be happier that you blessed our lives this year.  I’m looking forward to all the things we get to explore together and all the love that encompasses us.

Love you,


Eleven Month Rundown:

New Foods: Eggs, non-pureed chicken, beef, pork, rice, beans, tomatoes

Breastfeeding: 7-8 feedings a day; I’m feeling worn down, but still love it.

Teeth: 1 and about to get your other front tooth

Talking: Loves to hear himself; dada, mama, baba, nana, lots of squeals and shrieks.

Weight: 20 lbs and a few ounces.  Loves to eat!

Likes: Playing with daddy, reading, singing, music, throwing balls, Otis, bathtime, Scout the singing/talking dog, eating everything off the floor, peekaboo

Dislikes: Getting dressed, getting diapers changed, not getting what you want, wiping your face or nose


How old are your kids?

Am I going to be breastfeeding this kid 7-8x/day forever?! JK kinda.

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  1. 7-8 times a day is a ton! I think Aria was at 4 at the time, and for the first time ever she didn’t breastfeed before bedtime tonight. So now she is down to once in the morning. I feel like I’m missing something, like a foot. It is odd. Freeing but sad all at the same time. And, it was all on her schedule.

    I think those are the universal dislikes, ha. Kids, geesh. We just want you all clean and safe!

    • Before tonight, had you breastfed Aria before bed every night? I’m trying to figure out the weaning process… I hear that kids just decide that they are kinda over it one feeding at a time. How was it for you?

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