Top Five Friday Favorites

I hope everyone’s 2014 is off to a nice start.  To me, there’s something about a new year that makes the days feel a little fresh – like a clean slate.  It’s almost like the end of 2013 was a barrier to break the momentum of bad habits and get me to refocus a little bit. I’m a big fan of this.  I feel like eating healthier, keeping the house cleaner and exercising more.

Well since it’s Friday, here at my Friday favorites.

1. How to build the perfect salad. I’m a fan of infographics for there simplicity, so naturally I like this one too.  Cheers to eating healthy.

salad 2. Chicken and wild rice soup. This soup looks wonderful.  Since I caught the flu last weekend and it’s cold over here, soup sounds great!


3. 52 Week Money Challenge. This is such a simple was to save $1,378 over the year.  You just save the amount of money that corresponds to the week number of the year.  For example, this week is the first week of the year, so you save $1.  The last week of the year, you’ll save $52. David and I are doing this for fun. I just need to save an ongoing reminder to put the money in a jar.


4. Chevron Home Sign.  My mom always jokes that all we have in our house for decor is words.  I’m really working on getting more actual pictures up too, but I do think this is really cute!


5. 10 Things you should buy on Christmas clearance.  You know all that stuff that stores are begging people to buy right now that you wait until next season to pay full price for, well buy it now.  The only downfall is storing it, but you’ll have to eventually, so save the money!  I went to a little retail store in Nebraska on the 26th and bought a few new ornaments and decorations for my tree for next year for 50% off!


P.S. Don’t you love how Pinterest was filled with decadent desserts for the last two months and now all you see are smoothies and workouts posted!

Okay have a good (and healthy) first weekend of the year!  Aiden turns 10 months on Saturday (I can’t believe it)!

See you Monday.


What’s the best thing you found this week online?

What are you doing this weekend?

Please share in the comments section.

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