The Wonder Weeks – The World of Sequences


Well folks, we’ve survived another leap in the Wonder Weeks.  Around weeks 41.5 – 46.5, babies go through another developmental phase where they learn the world of sequences, such as why cereal flies through the air!


This wonder week was kind of hidden due to travel, teething and his first minor illness, so I didn’t notice it terribly actually.  As usual, his sleep wasn’t as good as it was in the weeks leading up to this leap.  Again, I wasn’t sure whether to blame it on the teething or cold he got.  In the wonder weeks, the first phase is the fussy phase in each of the leaps.


The 7th mental leap is all about sequences.  It this leap your baby is learns to recognize and manage the flow of events and relationships over time.  Your baby starts to link together actions to reach a “goal.”  For example, your baby learns that in order to eat a bite of oatmeal, he must grab the spoon, put the spoon in the bowl, get some oatmeal on the spoon, then take the spoon and put it in his mouth.  Your baby likes to help and feel needed right now.


Aiden’s new skills during this leap included:

  • Repeated games
  • Tried to persuade us to help him with things he could have done himself such as opening his mouth for food instead of doing it himself.
  • Imitated gestures that we made such as clapping, sticking out his tongue, and moving his fingers
  • He is supposed to be able to point to things, put together 3 piece puzzles (which we just got him), and understand that you talk into the mouthpiece of a phone.  I think he’s starting to understand that, but I’m not totally convinced.


Signs Aiden showed during this leap:

  • He was angry when we put him down
  • Sat quietly daydreaming
  • Cries more than often and was fussy more
  • Whines
  • Occasionally talked slightly less


Things I did to help him through this leap:

  • Comforted him when he wanted to be comforted and showed him that I was there for him.
  • Paid close attention to everything he did.  He started exploring a lot more and did some dangerous things that he didn’t know were dangerous.  I can’t leave him out of my sight for one second.
  • Let him do more things himself.  Sometimes he was interested in taking the spoon and feeding himself or he learned clapping or stood and tried to walk.  I could tell he was proud of himself with all these new abilities.
  • Praised him continuously.
  • Played a lot of singing and playing games.

image-2 Like I said earlier, I didn’t notice the harder parts of this leap as much due to other factors. I did notice how much he grew and how much more he is doing now!

Here’s a full overview of the 6th mental leap.

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