Snow Sculpture Breckenridge + Mountain Weekend

After spending the week at my mom’s house in Nebraska, we drove straight up to Dillon, CO with my mom and met David there Friday night.  It was a 5 hour trip and Aiden did wonderful!  He slept for most of it and by the time he woke up, we were almost there.  Perfection.

We were all craving a relaxing weekend in a beautiful place, so this was perfect. The weekend entailed eating, drinking, running, and visiting the International Snow Sculpture Championship in Breckenridge.  We didn’t even know that was this weekend, but it was a welcomed surprise since I’ve been interested in seeing it for a couple years.

Luckily, my Aunt and Uncle own a cabin up there, so we get a nice place to stay!


I went on my first run in a long time and I felt great even with the altitude being 10,000 feet.  I’m targeting a 1/2 marathon for this summer, but I haven’t decided which one yet.


We ventured to Breckenridge for the snow sculptures on Saturday afternoon and it was packed!

Here are a few of my favorites:




photo3 That is amazing talent to be able to sculpt those from snow blocks.  They use 40,000 lbs. of snow between all the contestants.

We couldn’t pass up Baby Gap either, so we went there and bought the little mister a Valentine’s Day shirt!

image4 I can’t wait to put this on him!  It’s just another reason I love February:)

We were starving by this point, so we went to Frisco (another mountain town) and ate at the Boatyard Grill.  We love this place.

We started with some margaritas.


And then my mom and I split some buffalo sliders (with no bun for me) and some tacos!

image6 I wasn’t sure what to order Aiden that wouldn’t be too crazy (or messy).  I decided on the garlic mashed potatoes.  He ate quite a bit of them and seemed to like them.  He also nibbled off everyone else’s plates too!


This weekend was just what was needed.  We had such a nice time.  I always forget how much I love it up there.


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 3.10.55 PM

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What was your favorite part of the weekend?

Is the weather really cold where you are? 

My sister lives in Minneapolis and I heard it was like -39 degrees. BRRRR

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  1. What a beautiful cabin! Jealous =) Those snow sculptures are nuts, wow.

    Nope, not at all cold here. 70s today. I like FL in Jan/Feb though – sunny but a cool breeze, with some days cold (at least to a southerner). It would be perfect if it lasted a bit longer!

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