MIM 002 | Questions to Ask Your Midwife During Your First Prenatal Visit

Ali-Podcast-Cover-300-Blog-Only Your first prenatal visit to your midwife or doctor can be overwhelming. There are a million questions you think you should ask, but really aren’t positive which are the most important and MUST be covered.

In Episode 2 of The Mother in Me Podcast, we go over what questions you might want to ask of your midwife or doctor on your first prenatal visit.

No this podcast won’t go over every question. It will however address some of the major questions that I’m happy I asked about.

Update: We will be (fingers crossed) coming to iTunes very soon and we will make sure to let you know when we do. For those Android phone users out there, we should be on there within the next few weeks. If you’d like to listen for now on your iPhone or Android phone, go to this post on your phone and click the Download link below the media player below. That way you can listen right away. Hope you enjoy!

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