10 Months Old!

Dear Aiden,

Wheew. December was a busy month for us.  You were busy in your own right, but we also did lots of traveling and you’ve hit the double digits.  Pass the kleenex.


I feel like during this month everything changed – foods, sleep, activities, etc.  You grew into a little boy instead of a baby.  When I look at you, I see child instead of baby now.  It makes your sentimental mother very sad, yet so grateful to have been able to witness this dynamic change.


We traveled to the blustering state of Minneapolis for a funeral for a few days before Christmas and you loved Hank, your Aunt and Uncle’s dog.  We also went to Scottsbluff to celebrate your first Christmas.  You received lots of fun gifts including a car and Thomas the Train to ride.  You also got fun books, stuffed animals, balls, and an array of lots of other toys in which you love.  You were getting tired of your old toys.  It’s so fun to watch your mind figure each of them out.  You and I work on playing “catch” with the balls and we read endless amounts of books.  You love playtime with daddy too.  He swings you through the air and you laugh and smile bigger each time.  You also determined that you love to splash in the bath.  That really made you laugh last night and simultaneously melted my heart.

You are getting really fast at crawling and you never really stop moving.  You worked and worked on standing up for long periods of time and once you were satisfied with your ability to do so, you moved back to crawling instead of walking.  I think you figured that crawling gets you there faster, so that’s the mode you would use for now.  In the past couple of days, you have started thinking about taking a few steps, but then you fall down.  I know you’ll walk when you want – that’s how everything else has gone.


You also have started really downing the solid foods.  We are definitely offering you solid food three times per day now and you’re more than ready each time.  During our travels, we used the baby food pouches and you loved eating those.  I decided that I needed to be more adventurous with your mealtime, so the past couple of days you’ve eaten stir frys, oatmeal, ground turkey, potatoes and green smoothies.  You are getting to be a big fan of most food now and I’m feeling more confident at each mealtime with your ability to eat more textured food.


We are still going strong with the breastfeeding.  Depending on the day, it’s between about 4-8 times.  Neither of us want to wean yet, but I can see that it’s starting to happen slowly but surely.  You need me less and less, which is both heartbreaking and exciting.

You are sleeping through the night now!  This has been a whole whirlwind, but it’s happening.  We hired a sleep consultant to help us after being recommended by several friends.  She suggested that you don’t need to comfort feed the 3-5 times per night that you were previously doing.  I agreed that you didn’t really care about it but that you didn’t know how to put yourself back to sleep.  I felt that this was up to your dad and I to teach you.  We modified the sleep consultant’s plan and did a more gentle form of sleep training.


It was one of the hardest things we’ve done together as parents, especially with the travel mixed in, but we all persevered and you finally figured it out.  Most of the time you are now sleeping 8 pm – 6 am with one wake up.  That wakeup is completely fine with me.  We’ve established a good bedtime routine that consists of pajamas, reading, prayers, nursing and then going to bed.


  • New Foods: hummus, bell pepper, stir fry, oatmeal

  • Breastfeeding: Still going strong – definitely going to make it to the year mark and then I’ll let you decide when you are done.  We are doing between 4-8 feedings per day.

  • Teeth: Still a toothless little man!

  • Talking: Very boisterous and babbles a lot.  We hear mama, dada, det and grunting but none of it has any meaning yet.

  • Weight: He was 20 lbs. at his 9 month appointment, but I haven’t weighed him this month.

  • Likes: Climbing on everything, babbling, singing, reading, having “conversations” with us, funny faces, peekaboo, clapping

  • Dislikes: Getting his face wiped, changing his diaper, getting dressed, being put in his play pen alone.


We love each day you spend with us and each day gets better and better!

Love, Mama


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  1. He really doesn’t look baby anymore! Such a cute little boy, you had me at the first pic =)
    I’m glad he is sleeping better for you and that the sleep training worked. Nighttime wakings and putting everything in the mouth are my two least favourite things.
    yay on new foods! I love that Aria is so good with textures, and tries everything – I hope she keeps it up.

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