Top Five Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  We had a snow-filled week over here in Denver, but it’s looking up for the weekend.  The cold, unfortunately, is here to stay.  I actually really don’t mind the cold – my husband, however, does.

While we were boarded inside all week, I had some time to browse the internet and here are my top five finds:

Baby Christmas Gift – Xylophone. My music-loving baby would love to play with this.  I’m not sure I would always love it, but it might find it’s way into our home in just a few short weeks.

Favorite Comfy Style – Athleta.  I love Athleta.  I haven’t bought anything from there in a good while, but I love all their stuff.  It’s functional, adorable and comfy.  It’s slightly more affordable than Lululemon as well.  I love how this sweater has a cowl neck (which would be great for breastfeeding) and is long.
Newton Running Shoes.  I am really interested in these shoes.  They are minimalist in that they have a 0 heel drop, so they help with a mid-foot strike (which I desperately need), but they don’t lack the cushion that some other minimalist running shoes do.  They have several different styles, so I don’t even know for sure that this shoe would be for me, but I’d like to try it out.
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.29.50 AM

Favorite Food Find. This looks delicious.  I’m on another avocado kick and I’m usually on a Mexican flavor kick, so I’ll probably be trying some rendition of this soon.


Favorite Gift Wrap Idea.  I love the idea of using fabric for gift wrap for multiple reasons.  Number one being obvious that it helps reduce paper waste.  I think it also looks really pretty, you have a bigger variety and can be extra creative and it would be easier to wrap with!  

fabric I have a not-so-fun seminar on the new ICD-10 codes for insurance planned for the entire day tomorrow, but then Sunday is family day complete with relaxation, housework, errands, meal planning and of course, the Bronco’s game!


What do you have planned for the weekend?

Have you found any really good Christmas gifts for anyone on your list?

Anyone have any running shoes advice?


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  1. Hi Ali! We live in the Springs and it has been WAY TOO COLD for my liking! But like you, I’ve done some good online shopping. I love that baby xylophone!

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