Nine Months Old!

Dear Aiden,

You turned nine months yesterday – I can’t believe you’ve been on the exterior of this Earth as long as you were inside of me. I don’t even know how it’s possible, but I love you more with each day.


We’ve been having more fun than ever this month.  Your dad and I laugh with you all day.  You’re getting so much more interactive and it’s almost like we have conversations with you.  I think you’re starting to understand language more and you babble back at us all day long.  You try to make us laugh and we make it our mission to make you laugh to hear that heart-warming laugh of yours. There’s no better sound to me – it makes my heart explode.


Physically, you’ve continued to get faster at crawling and pull yourself up with with more ease, but you are also able to go from squatting to standing all on your own for about 10-15 seconds and then you crash down.  I can’t believe how strong your little legs and core are!  You are constantly practicing your new trick all day and night.

We haven’t taken any real steps just yet, but I think that will occur this month.  You’re getting more and more confident each day.


You are really good at independent play.  We have the baby gates set up in a semicircle around the couch so you are blocked in with your toys.  You are able to entertain yourself for quite a while by exploring your toys, watching Otis and climbing on the couch as long as daddy and/or I are in the gated in area with you.


The separation anxiety has reached a new level this month.  You hate when I set you in the living room area while I’m in the kitchen or go to the bathroom.  You also hate when daddy leaves the room.

As far as toys, you really love toys that make music, squeak and light up.  Books are becoming more interesting too, especially the ones with texture and interactive themes to them.  You also love to bang your hands down on the table to make your own music and we are learning to clap your hands.  You love to try to imitate other people as well.


We are still breastfeeding and it’s going well.  We nurse every couple of hours usually before naps and bedtime and then in the middle of the night.  I have no doubt you’re getting enough nutrients!  As far as solids, you still much prefer thin purees rather than other foods.  You are eating pumpkin, apple, turkey, chicken, barley, plums and sweet potatoes most of the time.  I also mix some coconut oil in your food for the extra healthy fats too.  You sucked on some green beans at Thanksgiving and I fed you some mashed potatoes, but you really didn’t like them as much as your normal food.


You still don’t have any teeth, but the way you drool and chew on things, I think they could pop through at anytime!


Sleep, ah, sleep.  Well you slept amazingly over the week of daddy’s 30th birthday.  Thank you.  I only got up with you 1-2 times each night and you woke happy as did mommy.  Then, the next week, you reverted back to waking every 2-3 hours with exceptionally early mornings.  I’ve consulted with all my other sleep-deprived friends to figure out if this is something I need to be concerned about.  The verdict – no need for concern, but a huge need for endless amounts of caffeine until you decide that you like sleep again.  Good thing I really love you and sometimes like the extra bonding time in the middle of the night.


Funny story – the week you slept really good, I couldn’t wait to see you in the mornings.  There were even a few that I woke up before you did and I laid in bed waiting to hear your little voice call for me.  I thought to myself, “I’m going to miss these nighttime parenting sessions when they are over.”  The next week, we were in the thick of the nighttime parenting sessions and I haven’t had to miss them.

Love you lots!



Likes: Clapping, babbling conversations with mommy and daddy, playing with Sophie and interactive toys, Otis, bathtime, eating, being independent, singing and dancing, phones and electronics and being tickled.

Dislikes: The carseat sometimes, getting dressed and diaper changes, going to sleep, not holding the spoon when eating, getting your face wiped after eating, when people leave you alone.

Weight: We were supposed to go to the doctor yesterday, but you were saved by the snow.  We’ll find out next week.  I’m guessing around 20 lbs.

Noises: Ba, Det, Mama, Da, Ah

Breastfeeding: Still about 8 times per day. Planning on going past a year until he weans himself.


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  1. What a beautiful letter! Such a creative way to create memories your daughter will be able to read in a future. First time here, and super impressed with this letter! God bless your daughter 🙂

  2. Longer out than in! He is so adorable. Hard to believe he’ll be walking so soon! Can’t believe how fast they’re growing and changing.

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