My Favorite Moments of 2013

We’re back! I actually caught the flu bug Saturday night and am still recovering today.  It’s been a rough couple of days, but I feel like I’m on the rebound.

Anyways, it’s Dec. 30, so what would today be without a year recap? Well, here we go.
Seasons Our family had lots of blessings as well as losses this year.  We obviously got the biggest blessing of our life in March and then lost our family dog of 17 years in August.  There have been a few other hard times in our family this year that due to privacy, I would rather not discuss.

Here are my favorite moments of 2013:

  • I found Denver Acupuncture and Wellness a home in January.  I was so excited to move into the Pregnancy Wellness Center of Parker and start a new venture.  I always dreamed about working out of a house too.  Unfortunately, with a new baby, it became too demanding on our family, so I chose to step back for a little while, but not without learning a ton.


  • In February, my mom and sister hosted a baby shower for me in Denver.  It was so much fun to celebrate the birth of Aiden with all my friends and family.  It was a nice lunch complete with yummy cupcakes and gourmet popcorn.



  • In March, my little peanut arrived on March 4 at 10:41 pm.  I have never felt so ecstatic in life.  He is truly God’s gift to me.  The process started like this:

Image 3 And ended with this:

AWP_5785screenwm In May, I completed my first postpartum 5k race at the Colfax 5k.  It was a humbling experience, but I finished it.  Unfortunately, I’ve been battling some lower back pain so I haven’t run for a couple months now, but I’m hoping to get back to it soon.  I miss running oh so much.

Image 4

I also celebrated my first Mother’s Day.  We met my mom and grandparents in Cheyenne, WY at a little resort for brunch. Image 2

One of my best friends, Laura, came to meet the little man for a Memorial Day weekend.

David and I also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by going out to Iron Man III. DSC00275 We made a couple trips back to Nebraska in June and July to spend some time at my mom’s house.  It was the perfect summer vacation complete with family, getting spoiled, help with the baby and swimming.

Image 1

Image 4

My mom, Aiden and I flew to Minneapolis for a couple of days in July too.  Aiden did well on his first flight! Image 2 Aiden also celebrated his first 4th of July in Nebraska and watched fireworks.  He was very amused by them!

DSC00414 This past summer I also taught a 6 week baby yoga class!  It was fun until Aiden decided that he wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to teach.

In September, David, Aiden and I traveled to California to watch David run in the Ventura Marathon and then we drove 6 hours north to see his parents for a couple of days.  Aiden’s lack of good sleep habits left us exhausted by the end!


Image 1 David was also the best man in our friend’s wedding!

Image 1

October was a low-key month, which was great by us!  We had lots of family time at home and Aiden dressed up as a puppy for his first Halloween.

Image 3 On November 16 was David’s 30th birthday!  We surprised him by my sister and Dave flying into town and going to dinner and also to the Broncos vs. Chiefs game!  It was one of the most fun weekends I can remember.

DSC01218 We also drove back to Nebraska for a small Thanksgiving with my family minus my sister and her husband.

In December, we celebrated Aiden’s first Christmas by driving to Nebraska!  It was a glorious time and one I will not forget.


Image 2 As expected, this year was all about Aiden.  It was a blast for us and we created lots of good memories, especially as our new little family.  This next year, I hope to concentrate on myself a little more, but even if I don’t, I love spending all my time with little Aiden.

What was your favorite memory from 2013?


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