Christmas 2013 Recap

Ahh… it has been such a nice week. I feel a little bit rejuvenated and happy from having spent some quality time with my family in my cozy little Nebraskan town.  It does a soul some good.  I didn’t spend very much time behind the lens because I wanted to soak up as much time with my little boy and family as I could.

On Tuesday when David got off work, we headed straight to Nebraska for Christmas Eve festivities.  When we arrived, it was apparent that my mom and sister had been slaving away getting everything ready.  There was a spread of mixers for cocktails, homemade marshmallows covered in vegan chocolate, nut crackers, salami and cheese and homemade pizza dough with all the fix ins’.



I love my mom’s tree!


Enjoying a pink polar bear drink – vodka, almond milk and grenadine.


Aiden’s aunt and uncle couldn’t wait anymore to have him open his first Christmas present from them, so he got in on the action and tore open his gift!

Thomas the Train!



We always play games on Christmas Eve, so this year we played xBox bowling while we waited for our individual pizzas to cook.



My mom and sister made everyone homemade dough and cut up all the toppings as well as made homemade marinara sauce.  They made my sister and I gluten-free crust too, so I could eat my weight in pizza!  Oh how I missed you pizza.


We also always get new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  My sister and I got Victoria’s Secret sweatshirts and leggings and the boys got new Lululemon pants!  David wears his old Lululemon pants approximately 300 days out of the year – no joke.

DSC01472 On Christmas morning, we got up and saw what Santa had brought for us!  He sure was good to everyone this year.  I got so many cool things that I’m so excited about including some reusable paper towels, natural lotion, soap and cosmetics, earrings, some treats, gift cards, Asics socks and lots more.

DSC01476 Aiden got lots of fun new toys and a gift certificate to the Aquarium too! (P.S. Aren’t Aiden’s Christmas pajamas the cutest things ever? He’s going to be wearing them in July still).

DSC01480 When all the stockings were opened, it was time for breakfast!  We always drink mimosas and eat yummy food.  This year, my mom found a recipe for buckwheat pancakes for my sister and I, so we ate those and she made monkey bread for the boys and herself.


The buckwheat pancakes tasted delicious – so much like traditional pancakes.  We also added in a couple vegan chocolate chips. DSC01506

DSC01504 Then it was time to head to my grandma and grandpa’s house 30 minutes away.  We got there and drank some wine, cooked another feast, chatted and opened more gifts.


Aiden got his first very own car to ride around in! DSC01519




DSC01531 The rest of the weekend was filled with relaxation and hanging out at mom’s house.  Also – this happened:


I might say this every year, but this year was merry and meaningful.  The emotions were a little bit higher this year than normal. As a family, we’ve gone through a lot this year and between both the blessings and losses, it just meant so much more to have our little family together to celebrate Christmas.


How was your Christmas?

Did you enjoy your gifts?

Where did you celebrate this year?




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  1. Sounds like a great Christmas!

    But, the pics of Aiden with the confused face are killing me. (like the first pic in Christmas jams!!!) So funny. He is so cute in his car too! Looks like the one Aria got, which she can’t get enough of! That Santa knew his stuff.

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