7 Ways To Maintain Your Healthy Habits During The Holidays

My brother-in-law’s dad passed away on Monday, so we are in the balmy city of Minneapolis now spending time with my family and trying to cheer everyone up until Monday.  Aiden does a good job of that.

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Staying Healthy During the Holidays

It’s no secret that it’s hard to maintain healthy habits during the holidays – stress, off schedules, parties, etc. can throw everything off.  Before you know it, the holiday 10 lbs. have snuck up on you and you start the new year feeling terrible.


Here are 7 tips to avoid the holiday weight gain, stay healthy and feel good!

1. Stock up on veggies.  Decadent food is everywhere and there is no escaping it.  Luckily, at most parties and gatherings, there are veggie trays with dips that can be better for your than your favorite fat-laden treat.  Munch on lots of veggies first (and go light on the ranch dips) to feel like you’re actually eating.  It’s never fun to go to holiday parties and be the only one not eating.


2. Don’t go to the party starving. This is where the trouble starts.  Your eyes are always bigger than your tummy and you stuff yourself full before you know it.  Eat a 200 calorie snack with healthy fats so you feel satisfied.

3. Don’t drink your calories.  This is true on multiple levels.  Number one, some drinks are really high in calories and provide nothing for satiety and number two, if you’re hungover, that tends to lead to more unhealthy eating the next day.  Stick to 1-2 drinks of light beers, wine or light-colored alcohols because they contain less sugar generally.  Choose mixers that contain 0 calories such as soda water.


4. Schedule your workouts.  Just as you schedule your parties, schedule workouts.  Don’t let yourself slip into not working out.  Even if it’s just a brisk walk or a quick circuit, it’s much better than nothing.  Walking that mall counts too!


5. Stay hydrated. Dehydration is bad period.  It lessens your immune system and can make you feel hungry when you’re just thirsty.  Drinking lots of water can help you stay full too.  It will also make your tired, stressed skin look better!

6. Wash your hands.  No one likes getting sick during the holidays.  Make sure to keep your hands clean all the time to wash off the germs.  If you’re flying, wipe down the seats and arm rests before sitting down.  Winter illnesses are definitely in full effect right now.

7. Celebrate the season. Instead of sitting on the couch drinking high calorie drinks, go outside and ice skate, sled, shovel snow, ski or whatever is fun to you outdoors!


Keep these simple tips in mind, but don’t be a Scrooge!  Indulge occasionally, spread some love and cheer and celebrate with the people you love!


What is your best tip to stay healthy this time of year?

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